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 2SKB-RCC Roto Crossbow Case

Designed to fit most cross bow set ups including reverse limbs

$359.99 +
 Pelican 1535 Air "Color" Series with Trekpak dividers and Lid Organizer

Pelican 1510 / 1514 Padded div. & Lid org.

$330.00 +
12U Roto Rack

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19" Stackable Racks

$166.39 +
19" US Series Roto Rack

US Series Roto Racks

$115.43 +
1SKB-R04MAC - Rolling Shockmount Mac Pro Tower Case


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1SKB-R4W, 6W & 8W Rolling Roto Racks

Ideal for those looking to transport heavy remote recording and sound reinforcement equipment

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1SKB19-P12 12U Pop-up Rack, 20" High

A pop-up mixer case for 12 unit rackmount gear.

$166.39 +
1SKB19-R1006 Mini Gig Rig

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1SKB19-R1006V Mini Gig Rig with Pop-Up Rack

Roto Mini GigRig with Pop-Up Rack

$4,206.79 +
1SKB19-R1010  Gig Rig

Roto Gig Rig

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1SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe w/14U Rackmount top

Part of a multiple section rolling rackmount system that will fit in the back of your car

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1SKB19-R1406 Mighty Gig Rig w/14U top & 6U Front Rack

The Mighty '07 Gig Rig

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20" Deep Rolling Roto Shock Racks Cases

Rolling Roto Shock Racks Cases 20" Deep (SKB)

$530.40 +
20" Deep Roto Shock Racks Cases

20" Rack Cases w/Elastomer Shocks

$447.19 +
28" Deep Roto Shock Racks Cases

A rotationally molded shock rack that is 28" deep and that fits inside the center portion of the case.

$1,279.19 +
2R4909-5 Gun Cases, 49.50" x 9.00" x 5.50"

Gun Case 5 1/2" Deep w/Layer Foam

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2R4909-5 Roto Mil Standard ATA Single Weapon Case

These cases come with either single or double layered convoluted foam interiors and are available in OD Green, Desert Tan and Black

$296.39 +
2R4909-5T Gun Case 5 1/2" Deep w/Layer Foam-Desert Tan

Gun Case 5 1/2"" Deep w/Layer Foam-Desert Tan

$374.39 +
2R5212-7 Double Weapons Case, 52 1/2" x 12 1/8" x 8"

Double Gun Case 8" Deep w/Dual Layer Foam, Wheels & Tow Handle-Black

$415.99 +
2R5212-7 Std. Waterproof Gun Case 7" Deep w/ Dual Layer Foam, Wheels & Tow Handle

Roller blade style wheels for easy deployment. Injection molded oversized carrying handle and tow handle with convoluted bunk bed style foam interior for accommodating two rifles

$301.59 +
2SKB-2714 Travel-Tek Cargo Locker

Great organizer for sports equipment, miscellaneous stuff in your vehicle.

$72.79 +
2SKB-3209 Skeet Case (skeet gun/inserts)

Holds skeeting gun and interchangeable inserts in separate compartments.

$239.19 +
2SKB-5114 Economy Double Rifle / Shotgun Case

This double rifle/shotgun case offers great design accommodating rifles and or shotguns up to 49” long with a total width of 13 inches.

$155.99 +
2SKB-7500S Rod Transport System

The The Rod Pod is a rotationally molded, high density polyethylene shell will safely hold up to seven rods, up to 7' 2" in length

$204.99 +
2U & 4U Studio Flyer Rack & Laptop combo cases

The 2U and 4UStudio Flyer's are the perfect solution for housing your portable recording studio. Due to the compact size, the Studio Flyer is the perfect carry-on luggage.

$239.19 +
2U Shallow Rack with Steel Rails

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2U Soft Rack Case

These soft cases can be used for transporting testing or smaller rackmounted equipment.

$67.59 +
2U, 3U and 4U Shallow Roto Racks

New 10.5" depth on 2, 3 and 4 space X-racks will accommodate a wider variety of components

$88.39 +
30" Removable Racks

3U, 4U & 5U Remoable rack mount cases for easy loading of electronics.

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3i-0907-4-008 GoPro Camera Case

Designed for GoPro Cameras

$72.79 +

Mil-Std Waterproof Case 9 1/4"x7 1/8"x4 1/8" w/o Foam

$47.84 +
3I-0907-4B Waterproof Case
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Small 6" deep waterproof case available empty, with foam or padded dividers

$49.92 +

4" injection molded case available empty, with foam or padded dividers

$61.88 +

Displaying 1 - 40 of 635 products in Cases and all subcategories