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2R4909-5 Gun Cases, 49.50" x 9.00" x 5.50"

Gun Case 5 1/2" Deep w/Layer Foam

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2R4909-5 Roto Mil Standard ATA Single Weapon Case

These cases come with either single or double layered convoluted foam interiors and are available in OD Green, Desert Tan and Black

$305.28 +
2R4909-5T Gun Case 5 1/2" Deep w/Layer Foam-Desert Tan

Gun Case 5 1/2"" Deep w/Layer Foam-Desert Tan

$385.62 +
2R5212-7 Double Weapons Case, 52 1/2" x 12 1/8" x 8"

Double Gun Case 8" Deep w/Dual Layer Foam, Wheels & Tow Handle-Black

$428.47 +
2R5212-7 Std. Waterproof Gun Case 7" Deep w/ Dual Layer Foam, Wheels & Tow Handle

Roller blade style wheels for easy deployment. Injection molded oversized carrying handle and tow handle with convoluted bunk bed style foam interior for accommodating two rifles

$310.64 +
2SKB-7500S Rod Transport System

The The Rod Pod is a rotationally molded, high density polyethylene shell will safely hold up to seven rods, up to 7' 2" in length

$211.14 +
3I-0907-4B Waterproof Case
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3i-1610-5B-L 16" Waterproof Pistol/Optics Case

apable of accommodating 2-4 handguns with its layered or convoluted foam interior

$69.63 +
3i-1711-6B-D  like a 1500

Molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, featuring a gasketed, water and dust tight, submersible design that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage.

$95.34 +
3i-1813-5B Laptop Case -Empty

3I-1813-5B-E Laptop Case 18 1/2"x13"x4 3/4" w/o Foam

$74.98 +
3I-1813-5B Laptop Case w/Insert

3I-1813-5B-N Waterproof Laptop Case w/insert

$171.38 +
3i-1813-5B-C  Laptop Case w/Cubed Foam

5" Deep deep with cubed or layered foam that is an excellent laptop case

$119.97 +
3I-1813-5B-D Laptop Case w/Padded Dividers

3i-1813-5B-D Laptop Case w/Padded Dividers 18 1/2"x13"x4 3/4"

$160.63 +
3I-1813-5B-L Laptop Case w/Layered Foam

3i series laptop cases (18 1/2"x13"x4 3/4") with cubed or layered foam

$128.75 +
3i-1914-8B Waterproof Case with or w/o wheels

Unique size (19" x 14.38" x 8") made exclusively by SKB is a great size medium case with TSA recognized locking latches

$117.83 +
3i-1914-8B Waterproof Case with TSA Locking Latches

Latches have TSA recognized locking latches built in

$160.67 +
3i-1914N-8B  Without Wheels

The newest size was designed to fit a standard size tool pallet. Comfortable rubber over-molded larger lifting handles have been added for an ergonomic lift or for a two-person carry of a heavier load.

$117.83 +
3i-2011-7B with Wheels

iSeries 2011-7 Waterproof Utility Case

$124.21 +
3i-2011-8B  No Wheels

3I series. Mil-Std Waterproof Case 8" Deep (empty)

$108.15 +
3i-2015-7B Case 7 1/2" Deep

Mil-Std Waterproof Case 7" Deep (empty). 3I series

$107.12 +
3i-2217-8B  Case 8" w/No Wheels

Mil-Std. Waterproof Case 8" Deep (empty w/ wheels and Pull Handle)

$166.03 +
3i-2222-12B Std. Waterproof Cases 12" Deep

NEW 3i-2222-12 in production and is comparable in size to the Pelican Storm iM2875

$213.17 +
3i-2317-14B-E - No Foam With Wheels

23"x17"x14" empty w/wheels and Pull-handle

$198.17 +
3i-2421-7B-E  Waterproof Utility Case (empty)

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Displaying 1 - 40 of 498 products in Cases and all subcategories