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1SKB-R04MAC - Rolling Shockmount Mac Pro Tower Case


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1SKB19-P12 12U Pop-up Rack, 20" High

A pop-up mixer case for 12 unit rackmount gear.

$166.39 +
1SKB19-R1006 Mini Gig Rig

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1SKB19-R1006V Mini Gig Rig with Pop-Up Rack

Roto Mini GigRig with Pop-Up Rack

$4,206.79 +
1SKB19-R1010  Gig Rig

Roto Gig Rig

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1SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe w/14U Rackmount top

Part of a multiple section rolling rackmount system that will fit in the back of your car

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3i-1914-8B Waterproof Case with TSA Locking Latches

Latches have TSA recognized locking latches built in

$155.99 +
Audio/Video Shelf for the Mighty Gig Rig or Gig Safe

Attaches to the top two units of the SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig or the SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe

$119.59 +
Computer Based Audio / Video Control and Presentation Case

The 1SKB-AV8 8 is an 8U retractable shelf designed after SKB's AV-14 (a 1SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig accessory)

$155.99 +
Desiccant Silica Gel

Desicant to control dampness in your case.

$10.25 +
Hook and Loop Fastener Shelf

2U Rack mounted pull-out hook and loop fastener shelf

$93.59 +
Nanuk Shoulder Strap

$39.99 +
Pelican 0357 Caster Mobility Package

Self Contained Zippered Case with wheels and brackets

$65.56 +
Pelican 1510 / 1514 Padded divider set

1514 Padded divider set with foam lid

$89.00 +
Pelican 9000 Light-Case

• A case and light, in one!

$55.58 +
Pelican TrekPak Cutter

The Cutting edge for Trek Pak

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Standard Rack Caster Board

Roto molded caster board with 3" locking wheels for stacking SKB's Standard and US Racks for convenient transportation

$114.39 +
Cigar Caddy Humidor Fluid

This fluid works with any humidor—best when used with the Boveda Humidifier. Keep your cigars their absolute FRESHEST.

FieldPack-Soft Black Bag and Case Set

Combines a softshell padded rifle case with our toughest Pelican Storm Gun cases for the best of both worlds

Soft-Sided Bag (Padded Rifle Case)

In the field, the softshell padded case is lightweight and maneuverable enough to get you into position quickly


Displaying 1 - 26 of 26 products in Misc case accessories and all subcategories