Corrugated plastic is a reusable, re-shippable, collapsible alternative to corrugated boxes. Plastic corrugated reduces the costs of packaging, shipping, and handling. Trader Dan and the CoTradeCo team will work with you to demonstrate the efficacy of plastic corrugated in your business, from stock solutions to custom plastic corrugated design and implementation in your work/production/shipping flow.

Easily customize, personalize, brand, and imprint corrugated plastic products. Expand your brand and functionality with custom plastic corrugated green solutions. In-house design, variety of eye-catching colors, years of experience in screen printing (spot, half-tone, 4-color), and made in the USA customizable solutions are just part of the CoTradeCo Packaging plastic corrugated advantages.

Every plastic corrugated item can be customized to fit your specific application. Let us know the specifics and we’ll do the rest to make your idea reality.

All CoTradeCo plastic corrugated products are made with sustainable, recyclable polypropylene or polyethylene. Also ask about CoTradeCo packaging plastic bulk container and plastic pallet disposal program.

Contact Trader Dan 866-530-4804 to get a quote and learn more.

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Corrugated Plastic Boxes

All Corrugated Plastic boxes are custom made to your dimensions and designs.

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Conductive hinged lid boxes

Shelf Bin


Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 products in Plastic Corrugated and all subcategories