CoTradeCo specializes in creating and building custom kits for business, industry, hobbies, and personal use.

Anything that you regularly are gathering together for a specific task or activity can be organized into a kit for rapid access and ease of use. By grouping commonly used/needed items into a specifically designed bag, case, or container you always know you have what you need at hand for that job, project, situation, or emergency.

Kits can also provide inventory control for safety and theft prevention purposes by ensuring that you can account for every item in the kit at a glance. This is often called tool control systems, but the same principal can be applied to any type of kit.

Have ideas on a custom tool/first aid/emergency/other kit for your business, fleet, team, organization, home, garage, or car? Let Trader Dan and the CoTradeCo team help you find the perfect solution. Contact Trader Dan . 866-530-4804.

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