Construction, ADA, and general regulation compliance product

In this section you’ll find some of those items your business might need to comply with various state and federal laws and regulations. If you don’t see something, don’t hesitate to bug Trader Dan with your questions about regulatory compliance and the specific products you might need.

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090 Mat Hold Mesh Pad

A rubberized mesh pad that adheres to the floor and the underside of a vinyl backed mat

$2.10 +
117 Heritage Rib Mat

Heritage Rib® has 33% more carpet than many competitors "best" Rib mats.

$32.00 +
141 Ovation Entrance Matting

This mat is the third section of the Operaâ„¢ mat.

$27.85 +
146 Encore Mats

Inside foyer area-Main entranceways, all heavy traffic areas.

$30.00 +
168 Opus Diamond Pattern 3/8" Pile Floor Mats

Raised diamond pattern facilitates the scraping process while the channel design retains moisture and debris

$27.75 +
170 Orientrax 3/8" "Designer" Matting

All large, upscale entrances, reception areas: offices, hotels, professional buildings.

$92.50 +
18" 3lb. Enviro-Cone™ (4pk)

80% recycled by weight and can be recycled again if the cone is destroyed.

$28.95 +
193 Superior Impact Logo Matting

Custom logo mats in 10 days printed with a state-of-the-art dye-injection process that is entirely computer controlled.

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231 Prelude Heavy Traffic Area Mats

A total of 15 ft of matting is recommended to prevent 85% of moisture and debris from entering the building.

$25.00 +
406 Razorback 1/2" Thick Sponge Mat with Dyna-Shield

The 1/2" thick anti-fatigue sponge mat helps to prevent back and leg discomfort.

$32.50 +
410 Airug 3/8" Safety/Anti-Fatigue Matting

A low cost anti-fatigue ergonomics with directional ribbed surface that enhances traction and provides a barrier to cold floors

$16.25 +
419 Diamond 1/2" Sof-Tred® High Performance Matting

A durable anti-fatigue mat with a non-directional diamond deck plate top surface

$30.85 +
448 Comfort-Eze™ Antimicrobial Floor Mat

Bubble top design anti-fatigue floor mat an industrial grade antimicrobial agent

$60.00 +
470 Marble Sof-Tyle® Matting

A smooth marble-pattern design providing comfort and ergonomic support for dry applications

$55.00 +
549 Safety Stance® Safety/Anti-Fatigue Matting (Wet/Dry)

Large hole configuration facilitates drainage and resists clogging while mini-diamond studs on top surface minimize slippage

$78.25 +
551 M.D. Ramp System®

The M.D. Ramp System® is for custom configurations performed on-site

$3.00 +
580 Sorb Stance™ Matting

NOTRAX 580 SORB STANCE anit-fatigue mat for use with sorbent pad in environments where pooling liquid becomes a hazard; in stock and custom sizes.

$157.95 +
680 Non-slip Safety Trax® Mats

Slip resistant pads that can be affixed to surfaces to increase friction and provide a safer pathway.

$13.50 +
737 Diamond Plate Runner

Diamond-embossed top surface runner

$559.50 +
750 V-Groove Corrugated Rubber Runner

V-Groove Corrugated Rubber Runner

$435.00 +
755 Niru® Versa Runner®

Designed to withstand harsh chemicals while creating a slip resistant work surface.

$10.25 +
758 Niru® Knob-Top Runner

Industrial & Commercial Runners

$750.00 +
769 Clear Trax® Specialty Matting

Clear Traxâ„¢ is a durable heavy-duty clear PVC runner that protects carpet from debris and moisture

$265.00 +
825 Cushion-Stat with Dyna-Shield®

Dissipative/Anti-Static mats for basic anti-fatigue and antistatic relief in an office or light-duty application.

$28.40 +
826 Diamond Stat® Dissipative/Anti-Static Matting

Drains static electricity from the worker keeping sensitive circuitry from being damaged.

$81.50 +
830 Switchboard Matting

Insulative PVC matting is formulated to provide insulation to the worker from being grounded thus preventing electrical shock.

$1,120.00 +
831 Diamond Plate Switchboard Matting

A non-conductive floor mat made from a PVC compound

$1,120.00 +
950/951 Kneeling Pads

Designed for extreme kneeling applications

$18.50 +
970 Marble Sof-Tyle-Grande Mats

Decorative mats with adense closed cell foam base and a smooth marble-pattern top surface of heavy-duty rubber

$70.35 +
ADA  2'x2' Pads - Surface Mount (Retrofit)

ADA Detectable Warning System (Raised, Truncated Domes)

$64.00 +
Aklaim Flagship Series

Soft polyurethane perforated seats and backrests that are detachable so each worker can have a seat cushion of their own

$795.00 +
ANSI Class 3 Waterproof Work Parka

Waterproof polyester with PU coating, two exterior pockets with storm flaps, class 3 with convertible parka

$49.95 +
BRIO 12 Series Chairs

Optimal seating in the workplace; Soft, comfortable polyurethane foam seat pan and backrest are featured for maximum wear and durability.

$475.00 +

Displaying 1 - 40 of 361 products in Personal Safety / Compliance and all subcategories