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090 Mat Hold Mesh Pad

A rubberized mesh pad that adheres to the floor and the underside of a vinyl backed mat

$2.10 +
117 Heritage Rib

Heritage Rib® has 33% more carpet than many competitors "best" Rib mats.

$32.00 +
141 Ovation Entrance Matting

This mat is the third section of the Operaâ„¢ mat.

$27.85 +
146 Encore

Inside foyer area-Main entranceways, all heavy traffic areas.

$30.00 +
168 Opus Diamond Pattern 3/8" Pile Floor Mats

Raised diamond pattern facilitates the scraping process while the channel design retains moisture and debris

$27.75 +
170 Orientrax 3/8" "Designer" Matting

All large, upscale entrances, reception areas: offices, hotels, professional buildings.

$92.50 +
193 Superior Impact Logo Matting

Custom logo mats in 10 days printed with a state-of-the-art dye-injection process that is entirely computer controlled.

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231 Prelude Heavy Traffic Area Mats

A total of 15 ft of matting is recommended to prevent 85% of moisture and debris from entering the building.

$25.00 +
406 Razorback 1/2" Thick Sponge Mat with Dyna-Shield

The 1/2" thick anti-fatigue sponge mat helps to prevent back and leg discomfort.

$32.50 +
410 Airug 3/8" Safety/Anti-Fatigue Matting

A low cost anti-fatigue ergonomics with directional ribbed surface that enhances traction and provides a barrier to cold floors

$16.25 +
419 Diamond 1/2" Sof-Tred® High Performance Matting

A durable anti-fatigue mat with a non-directional diamond deck plate top surface

$30.85 +
448 Comfort-Eze™ Antimicrobial Floor Mat

Bubble top design anti-fatigue floor mat an industrial grade antimicrobial agent

$60.00 +
470 Marble Sof-Tyle®

A smooth marble-pattern design providing comfort and ergonomic support for dry applications

$55.00 +
549 Safety Stance® Safety/Anti-Fatigue Matting (Wet/Dry)

Large hole configuration facilitates drainage and resists clogging while mini-diamond studs on top surface minimize slippage

$78.25 +
551 M.D. Ramp System®

The M.D. Ramp System® is for custom configurations performed on-site

$3.00 +
580 Sorb Stance™

NOTRAX 580 SORB STANCE anit-fatigue mat for use with sorbent pad in environments where pooling liquid becomes a hazard; in stock and custom sizes.

$157.95 +
680 Non-slip Safety Trax®

Slip resistant pads that can be affixed to surfaces to increase friction and provide a safer pathway.

$13.50 +
737 Diamond Plate Runner
$559.50 +

Diamond-embossed top surface runner

$559.50 +
750 V-Groove Corrugated Rubber Runner

V-Groove Corrugated Rubber Runner

$435.00 +
755 Niru® Versa Runner®

Designed to withstand harsh chemicals while creating a slip resistant work surface.

$10.25 +
758 Niru® Knob-Top Runner

Industrial & Commercial Runners

$750.00 +
769 Clear Trax® Specialty Matting

Clear Traxâ„¢ is a durable heavy-duty clear PVC runner that protects carpet from debris and moisture

$265.00 +
825 Cushion-Stat with Dyna-Shield®

Dissipative/Anti-Static mats for basic anti-fatigue and antistatic relief in an office or light-duty application.

$28.40 +
826 Diamond Stat® Dissipative/Anti-Static Matting

Drains static electricity from the worker keeping sensitive circuitry from being damaged.

$81.50 +
830 Switchboard Matting

Insulative PVC matting is formulated to provide insulation to the worker from being grounded thus preventing electrical shock.

$1,120.00 +
831 Diamond Plate Switchboard Matting

A non-conductive floor mat made from a PVC compound

$1,120.00 +
950/951 Kneeling Pads

Designed for extreme kneeling applications

$18.50 +
970 Marble Sof-Tyle-Grande

Decorative mats with adense closed cell foam base and a smooth marble-pattern top surface of heavy-duty rubber

$70.35 +
Aklaim Flagship Series

Soft polyurethane perforated seats and backrests that are detachable so each worker can have a seat cushion of their own

$795.00 +
BRIO 12 Series

Optimal seating in the workplace; Soft, comfortable polyurethane foam seat pan and backrest are featured for maximum wear and durability.

$475.00 +
BRIO Big and Tall Chair

A work seat that can accommodate larger users with a concern for ergonomic comfort.

$1,488.00 +
CITA Budget Series Chairs

The Cita chair is the best choice when the economic budget is a concern.

$299.00 +
Compact Hand Crank Hose Reels 100 Series
$154.00 +

Compact Hand Crank Hose Reels Hose I.D.: 3/8”-3/4” Pressures: Up to 4,000 PSI

$154.00 +
Cover Lenses, Filter Lenses, Safety Plates, and Magnifying Plates
$18.00 +

Thermally Set PLastic or Polycarbonate Material for Filter Lens, Lens Shields and Cover Plates

$18.00 +
Econo Buster Sign Stand

A lightweight Tri-Pod stand with galvanized steel legs and mast for roll-up or rigid signs.

$105.00 +
EDJ Stainless Steel Chairs

All metal parts are made of stainless steel designed for “wash” down environments.

$979.50 +

Displaying 1 - 40 of 177 products in Tools Boxes & Equipment and all subcategories