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Bloodborne Pathogen Kits
$95.00 +

Protects the health of your first responders when faced with bodily fluid clean up

$95.00 +
Containment Berms®, Stake Wall Model

Unique design lets you drive over the walls and they snap back upright

$844.00 +
Corrugated Plastic Recycling Bin (Green)

Two Piece 4mm Green Recycling Bins

$1,175.00 +
Decon Deck - Non-Ambulatory Model (Orange)

For personnel who cannot stand or rise up.

$625.00 +
Decon Decks - Hospital Model (Orange)

Privacy shelter quickly attaches to Decon Deck

$2,000.00 +
Decon Decks - Tactical Model (Orange)

Can be used with hand-held wand or gross rinse shower system.

$775.00 +
Dewatering Bag - Reusable Model

Dewatering Bag for Large Jobs or Heavy Sediment Loads

$65.00 +
Dewatering Bags - Standard

Used to contain Sediment And Oil Pumped Out During Dewatering Operations

$29.99 +
Flintex® Woven Geotextiles
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A woven geotextile fabric for the exclusive purpose of working with sludge, either as reinforcement for a sludge cap or as a geotextile tube for dewatering sludge.

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Inflatable Containment Booms

Oil containment booms with inflatable cylindrical floats for use in protected waters, open waters and offshore.

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Pipe Drip Diverter

Channels drips away from Plant Personnel and Machinery

$59.95 +
Spill Berm Carrying Case

Black Carrying Case for Ultra-Spill Berm

$160.00 +
Spill Berm Connectors (Part# 2101)

Black Connectors (Part# 2101) used to connect 10' sections of Spill Berms

$29.95 +
Spill Berm Corners (Part# 2102)

Orange Corners (Part# 2102) used with Connectors to make 90° corners

$74.00 +
Spill Berm-Low Profile

Non-Absorbing Berm Stops Machine Leaks From Spreading

$282.00 +
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A simple, economical way to dewater waste or other material.

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TITANTube™ Roll-off Tube
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A simple way to dewater a waste from process operations or tank cleanouts.

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Ultra- Combination products- X-Tex and Microbes

X-Tex removes the oil and allows the microbes to immediately begin to digest and remediate the oil

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The Ultra-Microbes are the oldest approved biological/microbe product on the EPA’s National Contingency Products List for water applications involving oil.

$531.00 +
Ultra-Oil Blanket, Surf Model

Protect Beaches and Shorelines from Oil Spills

$58.00 +
Ultra-Oil Booms, X-Tex Absorbent Model

X-Tex Absorbent Booms absorbs oil and not water.

$67.00 +
Ultra-Oil Booms, X-Tex Absorbent Model with Flotation Core

X-Tex with floation core including steel cables with lo

$405.00 +
Ultra-Oil Mop

Aluminum handled mop to skim off fuel spills

$99.00 +
Ultra-Oil Mop accessories & replacement pads

Drip tray and replacement pads for decon and spill containment aluminum handled mop to skim off fuel spills

$19.00 +
Ultra-Passive Skimmer

Removes Oil Permanently From Catch Basins And Storm Drains

$171.00 +
Ultra-Ultra-Oil Booms

Absorbent, inflatable and X-Tex booms

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X-TEX - Gray

Allows large volumes of water to pass through while sorbing liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum, animal and vegetable oils.

$999.00 +
X-Tex-AC-100 Textile for Oil Spill Containment

Provides a rugged textile that can be shaped, cut and contoured to fit any environmental filtration application.

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X-Tex-AM3 Surface Bonded Antimicrobial Fabric

A New Surface Bonded Antimicrobial Fabric

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capCAP By Humangear

Innovative 2-in-1 bottle cap for wide mouth bottle drinking

Custom Printed Water Bottles by Nalgene

Add Custom Printing to your favorite Nalgene Bottles


A large hydraulically or mechanically filled sandbag instead of a conventional small handfilled sandbag.


the use of TitanTubes® is often the most cost-effective and practical way to dewater sludge.

Ultra-Bilge Pillow

Remove Oil & Grease From Boat And Ship Bilges


Displaying 1 - 35 of 35 products in Spill response & cleanup and all subcategories