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Ultra-Ultra-Oil Booms

Absorbent, inflatable and X-Tex booms

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Ultra-Universal Funnel

25" diameter offers a big "target" for pouring wastes into drums, eliminating overspills commonly associated with smaller funnels.

$39.75 +
Ultra-Utility Tray, Flexible Models

Just unroll and you're ready for a small container containment tray.

$40.00 +
Ultra-Utility Trays

Heavy-duty polyethylene construction — will not rust or corrode.

$49.00 +
X-TEX - Gray

Allows large volumes of water to pass through while sorbing liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum, animal and vegetable oils.

$999.00 +
X-Tex-AC-100 Textile for Oil Spill Containment

Provides a rugged textile that can be shaped, cut and contoured to fit any environmental filtration application.

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X-Tex-AM3 Surface Bonded Antimicrobial Fabric

A New Surface Bonded Antimicrobial Fabric

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BasinGuard for Oil & Sediment

Replace Messy Hay Bales And Keep Sediment And Oil From Entering Drains And Inlets


the use of TitanTubes® is often the most cost-effective and practical way to dewater sludge.

Ultra-Bilge Pillow

Remove Oil & Grease From Boat And Ship Bilges

Ultra-Dispenser, Wheeled Model

Store and Dispense Absorbents, Rock Salt and Other Granular Products Quickly and Cleanly

Ultra-Drum Shelf

Polyethylene Shelf that attaches to the side of drums to support containers.

Ultra-Guard Rails

The Best OSHA Rated Guard Rail Available-Outperforms Steel, Aluminum and Fiberglass!

Ultra-SmartBin Waste Container 2 & 7 Gal Red

Use Ultra-SmartBins anywhere a covered waste container is needed: Surgical areas, infection control, laboratories, clean rooms, etc.

Ultra-Smoke Stop, Cigarette Model

Ultra-Smoke Stop, Cigarette Model®

Ultra-Smoke Stop, Nautical (buoy) Model(R)

Marine Buoy design perfect for docks, harbors, beach areas, restaurants, resorts, and anywhere a nuatical theme is desired. Ultra-SmokeStop Smoking Receptacles Keep Areas Clear Of Cigarettes.


Displaying 121 - 138 of 138 products in selected criteria