SKB% Cases manufactures Industrial Cases, Industrial Racks, Shockmount Racks, Transport Cases, Shipping Cases, Waterproof Cases, Military Standard Cases MIL STDCases in a wide array of sizes and configurations. Their injection molded cases are built to last a lifetime and backed by an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Their roto molded cases and roto molded racks are also backed by the same lifetime guarantee. The SKB Industrial Division specializes in Industrial Cases, Shipping Cases, Waterproof Cases, MILSTD Cases, Racks, Rackmount Cases, ATARated, Roto Molded Cases

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All SKB Cases products

3R6820-20 R Series

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3SKB Maximum Protection Cases w/o Foam

MP Series ATA Maximum Protection Case without foam

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3SKB- MR Series Pull Handle Case w/o Foam

MR Series of Pull nHandle Cases with Retractable Handles and Wheels

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3SKB-2026 - Plasma/LCD Monitor Case

Great for shipping and storing 20" to 26" LCD monitors and screens the two piece case is lined with convoluted foam.

$362.96 +
3SKB-R Roto Shock Racks Case (30" Deep)

Nobody else manufactures a rotationally molded shock rack that is 30" deep and that fits inside the center portion of the case.

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3SKB-X1814   Roto X Tool Cases w/o foam

Deep Roto X Shipping Case without foam as a tool box

$244.99 +
3SKB-X4530-24 45"x30"x24" w/o Foam

24 Inch Deep Roto X Truck Pack Container

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3SKB-X5030-24 24"  Foot Locker w/o Foam

24" Deep Roto X Shipping Case without foam

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3U - 11U 24" Removable Shock Rack Cases

The new 3RR Removable Shock Rack Transports are dead on with the Pelican-Hardigg Rackmounts

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3U Shallow Rack

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8M Series-Heavy Duty Cases w/o foam

Heavy Duty Case without foam

$134.99 +
9P1108-9P2520-01B Luggage-style Transport Cases

Heavy-duty luggage-style carrying cases with Horizontal Rib Design

$84.99 +
Audio/Video Shelf for the Mighty Gig Rig or Gig Safe

Attaches to the top two units of the SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig or the SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe

$119.59 +
Black 3i-3614-PL for Jay

$258.00 +
Black SKB 3i-2011-7B Case.

SKB 3i-2011-7B

$125.00 +
Clarinet Case- W Clarinet

A custom SKB case with custom foam insert designed to store two clarinets.

$166.35 +
Computer Based Audio / Video Control and Presentation Case

The 1SKB-AV8 8 is an 8U retractable shelf designed after SKB's AV-14 (a 1SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig accessory)

$155.99 +
Flat Screen Transport Case w/Custom Foam Interior (SKB)

Flat Screen Transport Case w/Custom Foam Interior

$1,461.19 +
Flat Screen Transport Case w/o Foam (SKB)

For 42" to 50" Flat Screens

$1,097.19 +
Hook and Loop Fastener Shelf

2U Rack mounted pull-out hook and loop fastener shelf

$93.59 +
Large LCD Screen Case (SKB)

Large LCD Screen Case Accommodating 32" to 37" LCD screens

$525.19 +
OD Green SKB 3i-2011-7M Case.

SKB's revised designed "airline carry on" injection molded case

$126.00 +
Rear Rack Rail Kit  (SKB)

Rear Rack Rail Kit

$31.20 +
RX Series 4 Inch Casters for SKB Roto-X Cases

RX Series 4 Inch Casters for SKB Roto-X Cases

$114.39 +
Scott 3i-2217-10B-E Case

A light weight case equal to the Pelican 1610 and Storm iM2720

$218.00 +
Shock Rack Caster Board for 20" Shock Racks (SKB)

Shock Rack Caster Board for 20" Shock Racks

$207.99 +
SKB 3i-2217-12O-C with foam and lime handles

Waterproof Case, 12" Deep with Padded Dividers, Wheels and Pull Handle

$197.00 +
SKB 3i-4217-PL-M  OD Green Parallel Limb Bow

Parallel Limb Case features a custom foam insert for secure positioning and cushioning of your gear. New state of the art water-jet cut foam arrow system that holds up to a dozen arrows is included.

$253.00 +
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