SKB% Cases manufactures Industrial Cases, Industrial Racks, Shockmount Racks, Transport Cases, Shipping Cases, Waterproof Cases, Military Standard Cases MIL STDCases in a wide array of sizes and configurations. Their injection molded cases are built to last a lifetime and backed by an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Their roto molded cases and roto molded racks are also backed by the same lifetime guarantee. The SKB Industrial Division specializes in Industrial Cases, Shipping Cases, Waterproof Cases, MILSTD Cases, Racks, Rackmount Cases, ATARated, Roto Molded Cases

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All SKB Cases products

 2SKB-RCC Roto Crossbow Case

Designed to fit most cross bow set ups including reverse limbs

$359.99 +

Two-layered padded, soft pistol case with zipper that keeps your weapon dry and draws moisture out

$108.12 +
12U Roto Rack

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19" Stackable Racks

$166.39 +
19" US Series Roto Rack

US Series Roto Racks

$115.43 +
1SKB-720 Multi Purpose Utility Case with Wheels

Hardware cases suited for storing and shipping a wide variety of gear

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1SKB-R04MAC - Rolling Shockmount Mac Pro Tower Case


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1SKB-R4W, 6W & 8W Rolling Roto Racks

Ideal for those looking to transport heavy remote recording and sound reinforcement equipment

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1SKB19-P12 12U Pop-up Rack, 20" High

A pop-up mixer case for 12 unit rackmount gear.

$166.39 +
1SKB19-R1006 Mini Gig Rig

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1SKB19-R1006V Mini Gig Rig with Pop-Up Rack

Roto Mini GigRig with Pop-Up Rack

$4,206.79 +
1SKB19-R1010  Gig Rig

Roto Gig Rig

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1SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe w/14U Rackmount top

Part of a multiple section rolling rackmount system that will fit in the back of your car

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1SKB19-R1406 Mighty Gig Rig w/14U top & 6U Front Rack

The Mighty '07 Gig Rig

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20" Deep Rolling Roto Shock Racks Cases

Rolling Roto Shock Racks Cases 20" Deep (SKB)

$530.40 +
20" Deep Roto Shock Racks Cases

20" Rack Cases w/Elastomer Shocks

$447.19 +
28" Deep Roto Shock Racks Cases

A rotationally molded shock rack that is 28" deep and that fits inside the center portion of the case.

$1,279.19 +
2R4417-8 Bow/Rifle Case

Roto Molded Waterproof Case with Convenient convoluted bunk bed style foam interior for accommodating two bows with the quiver removed, a rifle and a bow combination, or four rifles.

$426.39 +
2R4909-5 Gun Cases, 49.50" x 9.00" x 5.50"

Gun Case 5 1/2" Deep w/Layer Foam

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2R4909-5 Roto Mil Standard ATA Single Weapon Case

These cases come with either single or double layered convoluted foam interiors and are available in OD Green, Desert Tan and Black

$296.39 +
2R4909-5T Gun Case 5 1/2" Deep w/Layer Foam-Desert Tan

Gun Case 5 1/2"" Deep w/Layer Foam-Desert Tan

$374.39 +
2R5212-7 Double Weapons Case, 52 1/2" x 12 1/8" x 8"

Double Gun Case 8" Deep w/Dual Layer Foam, Wheels & Tow Handle-Black

$415.99 +
2R5212-7 Std. Waterproof Gun Case 7" Deep w/ Dual Layer Foam, Wheels & Tow Handle

Roller blade style wheels for easy deployment. Injection molded oversized carrying handle and tow handle with convoluted bunk bed style foam interior for accommodating two rifles

$301.59 +
2SKB-2714 Travel-Tek Cargo Locker

Great organizer for sports equipment, miscellaneous stuff in your vehicle.

$72.79 +
2SKB-3209 Skeet Case (skeet gun/inserts)

Holds skeeting gun and interchangeable inserts in separate compartments.

$239.19 +
2SKB-3806 Small Compound Archery Bag

Accommodates the new parallel limb geometry bows

$139.99 +
2SKB-5114 Economy Double Rifle / Shotgun Case

This double rifle/shotgun case offers great design accommodating rifles and or shotguns up to 49” long with a total width of 13 inches.

$155.99 +
2SKB-6019 ATA .50 Cal Rifle Case

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2SKB-7500S Rod Transport System

The The Rod Pod is a rotationally molded, high density polyethylene shell will safely hold up to seven rods, up to 7' 2" in length

$204.99 +
2U & 4U Studio Flyer Rack & Laptop combo cases

The 2U and 4UStudio Flyer's are the perfect solution for housing your portable recording studio. Due to the compact size, the Studio Flyer is the perfect carry-on luggage.

$239.19 +
2U Shallow Rack with Steel Rails

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2U Soft Rack Case

These soft cases can be used for transporting testing or smaller rackmounted equipment.

$67.59 +
2U, 3U and 4U Shallow Roto Racks

New 10.5" depth on 2, 3 and 4 space X-racks will accommodate a wider variety of components

$88.39 +
30" Removable Racks

3U, 4U & 5U Remoable rack mount cases for easy loading of electronics.

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3i-0907-4-008 GoPro Camera Case

Designed for GoPro Cameras

$72.79 +

Mil-Std Waterproof Case 9 1/4"x7 1/8"x4 1/8" w/o Foam

$47.84 +
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