COTRADECO® offers both stock and custom foam for cases, boxes and crates. We do custom design and testing to meet your specific needs. Let us work with you on designing protection for your most important equipment. Pluck Foam let’s you customize your case to your particular needs without the expense of a cutting die or setup charges. More sophisticated applications can be beautifully constructed using various foams and water-jet cutting. Foam for your cases is very afforable and easy for you to make things the way you want them.

Water Jet Cutting:

High pressure water stream approximately .020" thick controlled by CNC interface, cuts any 2 dimensional configuration without tooling. We have multiple water jets at our plants with different capabilities for cutting foam, fiberglass, rubber, and plastics. Parts can be up to 60″ × 120″ or smaller parts nested for maximum yield in the same cutting space.

Die Cutting:

Steel rule dies and engraved rotary dies built to standards meeting part requirements can be run on multiple presses to produce parts from foam, plastics, fiberglass, papers, rubber, foils, and adhesives. Die cutting can produce a large volume of parts with precise features very efficiently.


After the cutting and fabrication, you may have a need for some final assembly or kitting. We can install the foam in cases or your packaging along with customer supplied components and ship as an assembly. You may have a need for us to combine various quantities of multiple components into a kit for easier use at your facility which we can do.

Trader Dan and the CoTradeCo® Foam Shop can help

Whether it’s stock foam replacement or custom foam types with tool control cutout cavities or anything else, contact Trader Dan and the CoTradeCo® team 760-519-1612, for the best prices and most helpful foam service around.

All CoTradeCo® Foam Shop products

Foam Fabrication

Custom foam fabrication

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Foam Inserts for Cases and Kits

Custom foam inserts for gun cases, sales cases, tools or sales rep demo kits.

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Laser Engraving

Specializing in custom Engraving for name plates for molded cases and custom foam applications.

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Stock and Custom Foam Designs

Some pictures of the poducts and processes

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