CoTradeCo carries the full line of Pelican Cases, Pelican Accessories and Pelican Storm Cases. Ask us about volume, corporate, and government purchasing discounts. Pelican Cases are stronger by design and are made with Copolymer Polypropylene, using and open cell core and solid wall construction.

All Pelican Classic Cases (Protector Series) products

Pelican 1434 Top Loader Photo Case With Padded dividers & Lid Organizer


$142.16 +
Pelican 1438 Boat Bracket Kit

Brackets that snap onto 1430 series cases

$14.15 +
Pelican 1454 Case w/Padded Dividers

The 1450 Pelican case WITH PADDED DIVIDERS in place of foam

$136.59 +
Pelican 1460 Tool Case

Waterproof tool case/kit that is lightweight and indestructible

$233.40 +
Pelican 1460NF Case No Foam

CAse where the top and bottom are the same depth

$164.44 +
Pelican 1470 Briefcase w/Foam

Old style computer case

$114.74 +
Pelican 1470NF Briefcase w/o Foam

The 1470 laptop case WITHOUT FOAM

$9.56 +
Pelican 1490CC1 Laptop Case

Laptop Case with padded liner. Fits notebook computers up to 14.0" L x 10.8" W x 2.5" D

$202.15 +
Pelican 1490CC2 Laptop Case

Fits notebook computers up to 17.3" L x 11.0" W x 3.3" D

$174.78 +
Pelican 1490NF Case w/o Foam

The 1490 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$128.89 +
Pelican 1495 Case w/Foam

Fits up to 17" laptops

$159.48 +
Pelican 1495CC1 Laptop Case

Fits up to 17" laptops with lid organizer, shock absorbing tray, and padded shoulder strap

$240.40 +
Pelican 1495CC2 Laptop Case

Fits up to 17" laptop, watertight, crushproof, and dust proof

$216.91 +
Pelican 1495NF Case w/o Foam

The 1495 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM, Fits up to 17" laptops

$140.42 +
Pelican 1500 Case With Foam

Comes with Pluck Foam with convoluted lid foam

$144.95 +
Pelican 1500 EMS Case

Multi layer lid organizer with numerous clean pockets – find everything right away. Customized for EMS personnel.

$212.95 +
Pelican 1500NF Case No Foam

The 1500 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$126.50 +
Pelican 1504 Case With Padded Dividers

1504 Pelican case (Padded dividers)

$166.95 +
Pelican 1507 Quick-Mounts 4PC Set

Set of 4 fits all Pelican Cases. Special equipment mounting attaches to four corners.

$7.10 +
Pelican 1509 Lid Organizer

General lid organizer for the Pelican 1500 case

$24.04 +
Pelican 1510 "Color Series" Cases w/Foam

Carry On Case with retractable extension handle and is the FAA maximum carry on size.

$189.95 +
Pelican 1510 / 1514 Padded divider set

1514 Padded divider set with foam lid

$89.00 +
Pelican 1510 With Padded Dividers

The 1510 Pelican case WITH PADDED DIVIDERS in place of foam

$229.95 +
Pelican 1524 Case With Padded Dividers

The 1520 Pelican case WITH PADDED DIVIDERS in place of foam

$178.23 +
Pelican 1526 Case w/Convertible Travel Bag

The 1526 w/1527 Conv. Travel Bag

$211.93 +
Pelican 1535 Lid Organizer for 1535 case

Pelican 1519 Lid Organizer for 1510

$29.00 +
Pelican 1550 Grey Upgraded dividers

Grey divider set for the Pelican 1550 Case

$71.40 +

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