CoTradeCo carries the full line of Pelican Cases, Pelican Accessories and Pelican Storm Cases. Ask us about volume, corporate, and government purchasing discounts. Pelican Cases are stronger by design and are made with Copolymer Polypropylene, using and open cell core and solid wall construction.

All Pelican Classic Cases products

Desicant (Silica Gel)

Desicant to control dampness in your case.

$11.97 +
Padded Divider Sets for Pelican™ Cases

Padded Divider Sets for Pelican Cases

$57.29 +
Pelican 0340 Cube Case w/Foam

3 level Pick 'N Pluck with convoluted lid foam. Stainless steel caster wheels included.

$309.98 +
Pelican 0340NF Cube Case w/o Foam

The 0340NF is the 0340 Pelican case without foam. Interior Dimensions: 18.00" x 18.00" x 18.00" (45.7x45.7x45.7 cm)

$293.55 +
Pelican 0344 Cube Case w/Padded Dividers

This is the padded divider version of the 0340 case.

$41.22 +
Pelican 0350NF Cube Case w/o Foam

0350 Pelican cube case

$300.50 +
Pelican 0354 Cube Case w/Padded Dividers

The 0350 Pelican case WITH PADDED DIVIDERS in place of foam

$10.30 +
Pelican 0357 Caster Mobility Package

Self Contained Zippered Case with wheels and brackets

$65.56 +
Pelican 0370 Cube Case w/Foam

Large Cube Case

$392.21 +
Pelican 0370NF Cube Case  w/o Foam

0370 Pelican cube case WITHOUT FOAM

$359.65 +
Pelican 0374 Cube Case w/Padded Dividers

The 0370 Pelican case WITH PADDED DIVIDERS in place of foam

$59.38 +
Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest w/Drawers

Six 1" shallow drawers amd One 2" deep drawer in a mobile tool chest

$599.00 +
Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest w/o Drawers

0450 without drawers

$483.59 +
Pelican 0450 with Black foam & red foam for shadowing

Pelican EBAY special. Pick & pluck foam and tool case with drawers.

$640.00 +
Pelican 0455DE 4" Deep Drawer

New for the 0450 an even deeper drawer

$23.87 +
Pelican 0500 Transport Case  with Foam

Large Transport Case

$667.44 +
Pelican 0500NF Transport Case  w/o Foam

0500 Transport Case

$555.79 +
Pelican 0550NF Transport Case w/o Foam

Large Transport Case

$673.67 +
Pelican 1120 Case With Foam

Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve. Pick ‘N’ Pluck(TM) with convoluted lid foam.

$33.50 +
Pelican 1120NF Case w/o Foam

The 1120 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$27.25 +
Pelican 1150NF Case No Foam

The 1150 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$26.73 +
Pelican 1170 Case w/Foam

The hand-held electronics protection solution

$48.00 +
Pelican 1170NF Case No Foam

Hand Held Electronics Case w/o Foam

$50.60 +
Pelican 1200NF Case No Foam

The 1200 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM.

$44.19 +
Pelican 1300NF Case No Foam

The 1300 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$57.18 +
Pelican 1400NF Case No Foam

The 1400 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$81.69 +
Pelican 1430 Top Loader Case With Foam

Great tackle box, first aid or emergency kit.

$99.72 +
Pelican 1430NF Top Loader Case No Foam

The 1430 Pelican top loader case WITHOUT FOAM

$88.05 +

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