All Pelican™ products

Pelican 1454 Case w/Padded Dividers

The 1450 Pelican case WITH PADDED DIVIDERS in place of foam

$136.59 +
Pelican 1460 Tool Case

Waterproof tool case/kit that is lightweight and indestructible

$233.40 +
Pelican 1460NF Case No Foam

CAse where the top and bottom are the same depth

$164.44 +
Pelican 1465EMS Air Case

1465EMS Case

$245.07 +
Pelican 1470 Briefcase w/Foam

Old style computer case

$114.74 +
Pelican 1470NF Briefcase w/o Foam

The 1470 laptop case WITHOUT FOAM

$9.56 +
Pelican 1490CC1 Laptop Case

Laptop Case with padded liner. Fits notebook computers up to 14.0" L x 10.8" W x 2.5" D

$202.15 +
Pelican 1490CC2 Laptop Case

Fits notebook computers up to 17.3" L x 11.0" W x 3.3" D

$174.78 +
Pelican 1490NF Case w/o Foam

The 1490 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$128.89 +
Pelican 1495 Case w/Foam

Fits up to 17" laptops

$159.48 +
Pelican 1495CC1 Laptop Case

Fits up to 17" laptops with lid organizer, shock absorbing tray, and padded shoulder strap

$240.40 +
Pelican 1495CC2 Laptop Case

Fits up to 17" laptop, watertight, crushproof, and dust proof

$216.91 +
Pelican 1495NF Case w/o Foam

The 1495 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM, Fits up to 17" laptops

$140.42 +
Pelican 1500 Case With Foam

Comes with Pluck Foam with convoluted lid foam

$144.95 +
Pelican 1500 EMS Case

Multi layer lid organizer with numerous clean pockets – find everything right away. Customized for EMS personnel.

$212.95 +
Pelican 1500NF Case No Foam

The 1500 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$126.50 +
Pelican 1504 Case With Padded Dividers

1504 Pelican case (Padded dividers)

$166.95 +
Pelican 1507 Quick-Mounts 4PC Set

Set of 4 fits all Pelican Cases. Special equipment mounting attaches to four corners.

$7.10 +
Pelican 1509 Lid Organizer

General lid organizer for the Pelican 1500 case

$24.04 +
Pelican 1510 "Color Series" Cases w/Foam

Carry On Case with retractable extension handle and is the FAA maximum carry on size.

$189.95 +
Pelican 1510 / 1514 Padded divider set

1514 Padded divider set with foam lid

$89.00 +
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