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Padded Divider Sets for Pelican™ Cases

Padded Divider Sets for Pelican Cases

$57.29 +
Pelican 0340 Cube Case w/Foam

3 level Pick 'N Pluck with convoluted lid foam. Stainless steel caster wheels included.

$347.95 +
Pelican 0340NF Cube Case w/o Foam

The 0340NF is the 0340 Pelican case without foam. Interior Dimensions: 18.00" x 18.00" x 18.00" (45.7x45.7x45.7 cm)

$306.95 +
Pelican 0344 Cube Case w/Padded Dividers

This is the padded divider version of the 0340 case.

$41.22 +
Pelican 0354 Cube Case w/Padded Dividers

The 0350 Pelican case WITH PADDED DIVIDERS in place of foam

$10.30 +
Pelican 0357 Caster Mobility Package

Self Contained Zippered Case with wheels and brackets

$68.84 +
Pelican 0370NF Cube Case  w/o Foam

0370 Pelican cube case WITHOUT FOAM

$359.65 +
Pelican 0374 Cube Case w/Padded Dividers

The 0370 Pelican case WITH PADDED DIVIDERS in place of foam

$59.38 +
Pelican 0455DE 4" Deep Drawer

New for the 0450 an even deeper drawer

$23.87 +
Pelican 1120 Case With Foam

Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve. Pick ‘N’ Pluck(TM) with convoluted lid foam.

$30.95 +
Pelican 1170 Case w/Foam

The hand-held electronics protection solution

$49.95 +
Pelican 1170NF Case No Foam

Hand Held Electronics Case w/o Foam

$45.95 +
Pelican 1200NF Case No Foam

The 1200 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM.

$42.95 +
Pelican 1300NF Case No Foam

The 1300 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$51.95 +
Pelican 1400NF Case No Foam

The 1400 Pelican case WITHOUT FOAM

$100.00 +
Pelican 1430NF Top Loader Case No Foam

The 1430 Pelican top loader case WITHOUT FOAM

$84.95 +
Pelican 1432 Shoulder Strap Kit

Shoulder strap for the Pelican 1430 top loader case.

$10.87 +
Pelican 1434 Top Loader Photo Case With Padded dividers & Lid Organizer


$142.16 +
Pelican 1438 Boat Bracket Kit

Brackets that snap onto 1430 series cases

$14.15 +
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