Milagon produces the highest quality ergonomic seating and matting systems available for the commercial and industrial workplace. Their focus is to serve the growing need in the industrial workplace to improve worker health, comfort and productivity through ergonomics.

WORKSEATS® Technology:

Chairs from Milagon have an ergonomic combination of form and function that fuses unbelievable comfort, rugged durability and aesthetics into the seating systems that they produce.


Their mats blend the scientific design and materials to produce truly ergonomic anti-fatigue matting systems that reduce the cumulative trauma disorders commonly found in the standing workplace environment.


All Milagon & Work Matta Mats products

Aklaim Flagship Series

Soft polyurethane perforated seats and backrests that are detachable so each worker can have a seat cushion of their own

$795.00 +
BRIO 12 Series Chairs

Optimal seating in the workplace; Soft, comfortable polyurethane foam seat pan and backrest are featured for maximum wear and durability.

$475.00 +
BRIO Big and Tall Chair

A work seat that can accommodate larger users with a concern for ergonomic comfort.

$1,488.00 +
CITA Budget Series Chairs

The Cita chair is the best choice when the economic budget is a concern.

$299.00 +
COMFORT - Edge Ramps

Rubber ramps that easily lock into the modular tiles to create your "Floor above the Floor" installation.

$103.00 +
EDJ Stainless Steel Chairs

All metal parts are made of stainless steel designed for “wash” down environments.

$979.50 +
NEUTRA Electrostatic Chairs

Equipped with conductive glides or conductive self-braking casters that provide maximum dissipation of electro-static discharges

$600.50 +
STERA Class 10 Clean Room Chairs

The clean room chair is your solution to Clean Room/ESD requirements.

$795.00 +
TASQ Standing Supports

Provides ergonomic physical relief to the body posture of any employee whose duties require standing performance of their duties

$359.00 +
VIGOR Workmats

With an advanced Modular Design these anti-fatigue floor mats give you a more comfortable place to work than traditional mats.

$15.00 +
DURA Value Chairs

Low and High Profile economical chairs with adjustable backs that tilt.

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