BlaclackBox RackMount Cases:

These lightweight, compact, and double ended cases offer light to medium duty protection and boast significantly better light duty shock performance than the competition. The use of recycled materials in the shell and a sturdy steel frame offer great value while upholding Pelican’s industry-leading standards. When you need to be cost-conscious but can’t sacrifice performance, BlackBox is the answer.

Classic-V vs. Super-V Rack Mounts.

What’s the difference? We’ve drawn on decades of rack mount case experience to produce two tiers of performance.

The Pelican- Hardigg™ Super-V has a 24" depth frame and the Classic-V Series has a 33” depth frame with longer shock mounts and a larger sway space between the rack and shell. This case also has 4 removable heavy-duty casters and stainless steel handles. Extra insurance if your equipment frequently ships via freight services.

All Pelican Storm & Hardigg Cases products

iM2875 Pelican Storm Case w/Foam

Exterior Dimensions (LxWxH) 24.9x23.7x13.1 in 632x602x333 mm Interior Dimensions (LxWxH) 22.5x21.1x11.4 in 572x536x290 mm

$306.75 +
iM2950 Pelican Storm Case - No Foam

iM2950 Pelican Storm Case w/foam 29"x18"x10.5"

View for pricing
iM2950 Pelican Storm Case with Padded Dividers

iM2950 Pelican Storm Case w/Padded Dividers 29"x18"x10.5"

$381.30 +
iM2950 Pelican Storm with Foam

iM2950 Pelican Storm Case w/foam 29"x18"x10.5"

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iM2975 Pelican Storm - No  Foam

iM2975 Pelican Storm Transport Case w/o foam 29"x18"x13.8"

$262.65 +
iM2975 Pelican Storm w/Foam

iM2975 Pelican Storm Transport Case w/foam 29"x18"x13.80"

$293.55 +
iM3075 Pelican Storm - No Foam

iM3075 Pelican Storm Transport Case w/o foam 29.80"x20.80"x17.80"

$324.45 +
iM3075 Pelican Storm w/Foam

Hardigg Storm Case-iM3075

$393.67 +
iM3075 Pelican Storm w/Padded Divider Set

iM3075 with padded dividers

$564.63 +
iM3100 Pelican Storm Case with Foam

Exterior Dimensions (LxWxH) 39.8x16.5x6.7 in. 1011x419x169 mm Interior Dimensions (LxWxH) 36.5x14.0x6.0 in. 927x356x152 mm

$249.55 +
iM3200 Pelican Storm Long Gun Case - No Foam

Exterior Dimensions (LxWxH) 47.2x16.5x6.7 in. 1198x419x169 mm Interior Dimensions (LxWxH) 44.0x14.0x6.0 in. 1118x356x152 mm

$273.38 +
iM3300 Pelican Storm Long Gun Case w/o Foam

iM3300 Pelican Storm Long Case with or without foam 50.50"x14.00"x6"

$244.35 +
iM3300 Storm Case Replacement foam

Replacement foam sets for the im3300

$75.35 +
iM3410 Pelican Storm Case™.

Newest addition to long gun series

$273.00 +
Lid Stays for Pelican Storm Cases

Additional bracket to hold lid upright by itself

$22.59 +
Pelican Storm Bezel Kits for Cases (Base)

Aluminum frame system for panel mount applications.

$35.05 +
Pelican Storm iM Replacement Foam

Two-pound cubed polyurethane foam, multi-layered for easy customization

$15.29 +
Pelican-Hardigg 11U Rack Mount Case

-Ideal for rack mountable precision test, electro-mechanical, medical and biological diagnostic equipment

$1,446.90 +
Pelican-Hardigg 14U Rack Mount Case

BB0140 BlackBox 14U Rack Mount Case

$1,741.74 +
Pelican-Hardigg 3U Rack Mount Case

BB0030 BlackBox 3U Rack Mount Case

$928.20 +
Pelican-Hardigg 4U Rack Mount Case

BB0040 BlackBox 4U Rack Mount Case

$1,064.70 +
Pelican-Hardigg 5U Rack Mount Case

BB0050 BlackBoxâ„¢ 5U Rack Mount Case

$1,086.54 +
Pelican-Hardigg 7U Rack Mount Case

7U Rack Mount Case BB0070 BlackBoxâ„¢

$1,090.91 +
Pelican-Hardigg 9U Rack Mount Case

BB0090 BlackBoxâ„¢ 9U Rack Mount Case

$1,255.80 +
Pelican-Hardigg AL1616-0505 Large Shipping Case

Interior Dimensions: 15.75" x 15.88" x 10.54" (40x40.3x26.8 cm). Molded-in ribs and corrugations for secure, non-slip stacking, columnar strength, and added protection.

$388.96 +
Pelican-Hardigg AL2624-1805 Large Shipping Case

Roto Molded Single Lid Large Shipping Case

$631.05 +
Pelican-Hardigg AL3018-0905 Large Shipping Case

Trunk shaped Large Shipping Case

$561.06 +
Pelican-Hardigg AL3418-1005 Trunk Shaped Single Lid Case

X-Large Trunk Shaped Single Lid Case

$573.62 +
Pelican-Hardigg AL3834-1617  Single Lid Case

XX-Large Cube Shaped Single Lid Shipping Case

$851.23 +
Pelican-Hardigg AL5415-1026AC Flat Screen TV Shipping Case

AL5415-1026AC Single Lid Case for Flat Screens

$1,026.89 +
Pelican-Hardigg AL5424-2306FT  Large Shipping Case

Single Lid Large Shipping Case. Forklift skid-runners: One-piece molded skid-runners provide clearance for forklift tines and pallet jacks.

$1,008.53 +
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