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Tired of getting your microphone caught, especially at critical moments? The TMK is compatible with most remote microphones and securely attaches to uniform buttons or Epaulet. TMK equals officer safety! Designed by Officer Brian E. Webster.

This simple design effectively keeps your microphone in reach but out of the way, making daily tasks more comfortable, and under the worst case scenario, out of the way and securely fastened while you take care of business.

TMK is ideal for…

  • Police
  • Fire
  • TSA
  • Sheriff
  • Corrections
  • Border Patrol
  • EMT
  • First Responders
  • Military
  • Construction
  • Hunting


  • Durable ABS
  • 2.875"H x 0.813"W x 0.594"D
  • 0.20 oz

The TMK Tactical Mic Keeper story

The TMK was invented to solve the problem of how to safely and professionally attach the portable microphone to the uniform so that it doesn’t fall off. This is my story:

One evening after dark I had to chase down a suspect who had a knife. Once I caught him and tackled him to the ground I could not find my microphone. It had fallen off my uniform and was in between me and the suspect making it impossible to radio my position.

I was able to take him into custody and everything turned out okay but since then I have heard many stories of officers losing their mics and things going horribly wrong because of it. Therefore, the TMK was born.

The TMK is a simple, yet reliable and professional solution to the microphone retention problem. It can be worn on the front of the uniform or under the shoulder strap (epaulette). Once in place, the TMK becomes invisible as it is hidden by the microphone. The TMK keeps your microphone safely in place and keeps your uniform professional in appearance as it attaches by way of the uniform button, not the uniform. When in use, the TMK disappears and all that is seen is your mic.

TMK Tactical Mic Keeper Testimonials

“The Tactical Mic Keeper holds my mic where I need it, and makes it very difficult for someone else to remove it. That gives me peace of mind when I am on the street doing my job.”

Cpl. A. Scott, Palisade Police Department

“Thank you for developing a product that works so well. We were looking for an alternative mic. holder and everyone that has tried it so far has loved it. By far in my opinion the best radio mic holder available”.

Ed Tucker, Frankenmuth Police Department
Frankenmuth, MI

“Prior to learning about TMK, my remote mic was always falling off. Now I am confident that my remote mic is attached properly and will be there when I need it.”


ACPD has been very pleased with the functionality and reliability of TMK. Our entire department uses remote microphones and because of the TMK, more officers are wearing their mics where we recommend, on their shoulder straps.”

Sincerely – Officer Eric Beason

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