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This is one of best ways to power electronic equipment in the field. Simply unroll the extremely flexible, durable, and waterproof CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide) panel on any surface to convert solar energy into electric power instantly.

Brunton has been driving and pioneering rugged power sources for a while, which led to the creation of the first flexible solar panel, The SolarRoll. Since then, the evolution of this concept has flourished. Backed by glowing reviews in every major magazine and newspaper in this country and others, the SolarRoll has officially taken its place as one of our most talked about products.

The proof, though, is in the remarkable performance. The waterproof SolarRoll has given sea kayakers the power to photograph their voyages from the most remote locations. Ed Viesturs plans to use SolarRolls in his final summit, Annapurna, as he polishes off the last peak of Endeavor 8000.

Perfect for powering satellite phones, members of expeditions worldwide pack the SolarRoll in place of expensive extra batteries that don’t offer much relief in the form of weight. We realize however, that not everyone is defying the ordinary. Some of us simply need the SolarRoll for charging our car battery or running our video camera. With this in mind, we’re offering alternative sizes and outputs this year to accommodate the growing demand for our most popular solar panel.

Glowing reviews

“Editors’ Top Product Picks 2004”
-Outdoor Photographer

“…this solar charger may end your battery woes for good.”
-Backpacker Magazine

“If you can’t bear to leave your gadgets behind, pack this waterproof solar panel to power them. It rolls up like a poster and charges like a cigarette lighter.”

“A boon for off-the-grid campers, the 18-ounce, 57-inch-long Brunton SolarRoll 14 can harvest enough solar energy to power a mobile phone or laptop-or even recharge your car battery.
-Men’s Journal

“Drape it over a tent in full sun and the 12-by-57-inch Brunton SolarRoll 14 will power a sat phone, GPS or laptop-it’ll even recharge a dead car battery in a lonely corner of Death Valley. Best of all, the 19.5-ounce solar panel and adapter plugs can be rolled up and tucked away in a foot-long, three-inch-diameter tube that’ll slip covertly into your pack or kayak.”
-Outside Magazine

“Gear Of The Year”- “Brunton’s new line is a genuine breakthrough…Brunton, a company renowned among outdoor types for first-rate optics,personal navigation, and (especially) camping gear, has now pioneered a line of portable power equipment that can generate, store, and convert electricity so many of us opt to use in our hunting pursuits. This line is so ingeniously conceived and versatile in scope it can keep the power on for anything from teeny AAA batteries to sat phones to portable ice chests (and even my ravenous laptop).”
-American Hunter

“Now you can be a day’s horseback ride or a ten-mile hike from civilization and still have power.”
-Sports Afield

“The need to recharge batteries is a serious issue for expedition and other see-you-in-a-month travelers. The best of the several solar chargers available is the Brunton SolarRoll. It cranks out (surprise!) 14 watts, which is enough to run a small device (camera, ipod) or chargea large one (laptop, car battery). What really distinguishes it, though, is the way it can be stored – in a tube. Unfurled, the Brunton is one by five feet; rolled up, it’s a three-inch thick burrito. It weighs just over a pound.”
-National Geographic Adventure


SolarRolls flexible solar panels features:

  • Amorphous solar cells for effective low-light performance
  • Reverse flow protection
  • Tefzel® fluoropolymer construction for extreme durability
  • Waterproof
  • UV transparent
  • Link multiple like-units together for even more output
  • Rolls and stores in convenient storage tube (included)
  • Includes vehicle outlet cable & multi-linking cable
  • One-year warranty


SolarRoll 14

  • 12″×57″ open
  • 17 oz
  • Max output: 14 watts (15.4 Volts / 900 m)
  • Perfect for running satellite phones and charging laptops

SolarRoll 9

  • 12″×40″ open
  • 10.6 oz
  • Max output: 9 watts (15.4 Volts / 600 mA)
  • Ideal for running cell phones and charging digital and video c

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