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UCO Duo Candle/LED polished aluminum lantern has been discontinued.
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An LED flashlight attached to the Original UCO candle lantern!

  • Unique, new candle base design adds the convenience of an LED light to the original UCO Candle Lantern
  • Functions as a handheld light or an LED headlamp with the included headstrap
  • LED uses two CR2032 batteries (included)
  • Color: polished aluminum

Blending timeless charm and classic features with 21st century technology, UCO has combined the original candle lantern with a battery powered LED light and illuminated the ultimate in flexibility. Add the convenience and functionality of a flashlight to the many features of the candle lantern. The flashlight fits conveniently into the base of the Original UCO candle lantern. The battery powered LED light works whether it is attached to the lantern or not. And it comes with a handy tabletop stand to provide optimized convenience and functionality. The unique “best of two worlds” combination provides warm, candle light, plus a battery powered LED light. Safe, lightweightand reliable. Each candle burns over 9 hours while the batteries for the LED flashlight will last for up to 40 hours.

The UCO Duo Candle/LED polished aluminum lantern has all the features of the original UCO candle lantern plus a built in LED flashlight.

Lifetime Parts Guarantee

Industrial Revolution (UCO) Limited Lifetime Parts Guarantee

All of our candle lanterns are built to last for a lifetime of normal use. If one of our components fails under regular usage and you require a replacement part (other than parts which have been physically lost or glass breakage) we will promptly send you the replacement parts at no charge. Replacement candles and glass are available through CoTradeCo

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