T3500 S3 Extreme Black
The T3000 and T3500 case

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T3000 X-treme Case w/Foam Liner

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The S3 X-treme case line represents a high quality affordable indestructible, watertight, crushproof, protector case. This case is comparable but smaller than the Pelican 1060 and the UK Underwater Kinetics UltraBox 408 and UK DryBox 309.

Nice length submersible case with a slighter taller profile than the S3 X-treme T3000.

Looking for something slightly larger? Try the S3 X-treme T5000.
Slightly smaller? Try the S3 X-treme T2000.

S3 Extreme cases: T3000 line of X-treme protector cases


  • Interior dimensions: 7.88″ × 3.90″ × 3.53″ (200mm x 99.1mm x 89.6mm )
  • Exterior dimensions: 8.38″ × 4.66″ × 3.99″ (212.9mm x 118.4mm x 101.3mm)
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs (0.47 kg)


  • Caribbean Blue
  • Abyss Black
  • Nova Yellow
  • Glacier clear

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T3500 X-treme Case w/Foam Liner is a S3 X-treme cases brand product.