T3000 S3 Extreme Black
T3000 S3 Extreme Blue
T3000 S3 Extreme Yellow
The T3000 and T3500 case
Xtreme lanyard

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T3500 X-treme Case w/Foam Liner

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The T3000 is the ideal size for a checkbook, passport or hand held gaming device. It’s also virtually unbreakable (as are all of our cases.) Drive a vehicle over it and the contents won’t be damaged. We’re not suggesting you do this, but it has been done.

Includes lanyard.

The S3 X-treme case line represents a high quality affordable indestructible, watertight, crushproof, protector case. This case is comparable but smaller than the Pelican 1060 and the UK Underwater Kinetics UltraBox 308 and UK DryBox 309.

Looking for something with the same dimensions but a taller lid? The S3 X-treme 3500 is over 2 inches taller.

Looking for something slightly larger? Try the S3 X-treme 4000.
Slightly smaller? Try the S3 X-treme 2500.

Store sensitive electronics and small storage devices and hard drives like countless IT professionals and data managers around the world.

Fit what you need in these convenient cases and know they are protected from dirt, water, and being crushed.


See an exploded view of the S3 cases

All S3 Xtreme cases conform to:

  • MIL-STD-810F Transit
  • Drop test and immersion test
  • SAE J575-Dust Resistance test


  • High Impact Abs
  • #316 Stainless Steel Pins
  • Foam Lined 1/8" 2a Volara
  • Nylon Cord
  • ABS compound latches with nylon fittings
  • Interior dimensions: 7.88″ × 3.90″ × 1.42″
  • Exterior dimensions: 8.38″ × 4.66″ × 1.88″
  • Weight: 0.67 lbs 0.3 kg


  • Caribbean Blue
  • Abyss Black
  • Nova Yellow
  • Glacier clear

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T3000 X-treme Case w/Foam Liner is a S3 X-treme cases brand product.