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Pelian x 8060 Dock and Adaptor
Pelian x 8060 Grip
Pelian x 8060 shroud
Pelian x 8060 with c batteries
Pelican x 8060 1 in charger
Pelican x 8060 charge points
Pelican x 8060 side fins
Pelican x 8060 side switch
Pelican X 8060 side x comparison 7060
8060-041-110: Pelican 8060-803 lumens 3 settings & charger $168.72

Alternate configurations (3)

7000 LED Flashligt

7060 New 368 Lumens LED Flashlight w/ 3 settings

8050 M11 Rechargeable Flashlight

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7060 New 368 Lumens LED Flashlight w/ 3 settings

Pelican 2360 LED Flashlight

023600-0001-110: 2360B LED Flashlight $31.67
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Introducing the all new full size, full power and self programmable 8060 LED. Packed with the most advanced technology found in any duty light on the market. Powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery pack or 4C cells, the Pelican™ 8060 LED is the longest running duty light today.

Full size equals full performance and, at almost 13 inches in length, you can be sure that your 8060 will deliver in any emergency. With over 800 lumens available at your fingertips and up to 69 hours of useful light will ensure that your light will keep burning even when all hell breaks loose.

Count on the 8060’s rugged dependability, and a full list of features that includes a high/strobe/medium/low/flashing mode options, no-slip grenade grip and it’s self programmable. This allows you to personalize the operation to suit your needs. The all new 8060 also includes a built in low battery level indicator. Two different optional in-vehicle charger cables are available as well. The Pelican 8060 LED flashlight, where brawn meets brains.

If power is unavailable for recharging purposes, the 8060 can utilize 4 “C” cell alkaline batteries (not included). The 8060 LED comes standard with desk/dash charger base, rechargeable battery, and 110V wall charger.


The light defaults to the high mode. To actuate the low mode from the off position, depress the switch with two momentary pushes within 1 second

New low battery indicator. The charger is capable of charging the battery pack in under 5 hours. The LED Charge Lights will indicate where the battery is in the charge cycle as follows:

  • Solid Red = 8060 Not Connected
  • Flashing Red Light = 8060 Fast Charging
  • Solid Green Light = 8060 Fully Charged

Note: The 8060 will need to run through several charge/dischargeThe 8060 will need to run through several charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum lamp run-time There is no need to fully discharge the 8060 before charging the battery. Charging can occur whenever required and the 8060 can be left indefinitely in the charger housing without fear of over-charging.


  • High
  • Strobe
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Flashing


  • Length: 12.67" (32.2 cm)
  • Weighs 23.2 oz. (0.66 kg.)


  • Low Mode – 25 lumens
  • Medium – 447 lumens
  • High Mode – 803 lumens

Batteries: 4 C SIZE Ni-MH (Included

Charge Time: 4.5 Hours NiMH Battery Pack

Burn time on rechargeable battery:

  • Low Mode – 69 hours
  • High Mode – 2 1/2 hours
  • Burn time on 4 “C” cell batteries is 11 hours

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8060 LED Rechargeable Flashlight NEW UPGRADED is a Pelican Lighting brand product.

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