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PermaGard coverall open wrists and ankles

Alternate configurations (4)

Coverall w/elastic wrist & ankles, attached hood & boots

FR Women's Feather Eight Coverall

KLEENGUARD* A65 FR Coveralls Blue w/Zipper Front Elastic Wrist, Ankles & Hood

Coverall w/attached hood & boots

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Apron - Bib style

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PermaGard Protective Apparel is constructed from a Micro-Porous Film over Spunbonded Polypropylene. It is a general purpose protective material that can be used in any non-hazardous application to protect against dirt, light liquid splashes, and particles. This product keeps non-hazardous particulates and liquids out while allowing moisture from perspiration to dissipate. It is a soft anti static fabric providing comfortable extended wear.

- Excellent protection against dirt, light liquid splashes, and particles
- Keeps non-hazardous particulates and liquids out while allowing moisture inside to dissipate
- Durable and soft to provide comfortable extended wear
- Serged seams
- Elastic waist
- Zipper front closure

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AllGard™ PermaGard® products|
Part #Item|
|18120||AllGard™ PermaGard® Coveralls Open wrists&ankles||
|18125||AllGard™ PermaGard® Coveralls Elastic wrists&ankles||
|18122||AllGard™ PermaGard® Coveralls Attached hood&boots||
|18127||AllGard™ PermaGard® Coveralls Attached hood&elastic ankles||
|18303||AllGard™ PermaGard® Shirt||
|18350||AllGard™ PermaGard® Pants||
|18500||AllGard™ PermaGard® Sleeves||
|18440||AllGard™ PermaGard® Shoe cover||
|18444||AllGard™ PermaGard® Boot cover||
|18386||AllGard™ PermaGard® Hood||
|18470||AllGard™ PermaGard® Apron||



Material: Micro Porous Film over SpunBonded Polypropylene

Color: White

Sizes: M-4XL

Packaging: 25 pieces/case

International Standards:

  • ASTM 1670-1671

Harmonization Code (HTS#): 6210.10.5000

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Coverall w/ Serged seams - Elastic waist - Zipper front is a Liberty Glove and Safety and PermaGard Protective Apparel brand product.

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