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580 Sorb Stance™ Matting

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Ergonomic anti-fatigue matting comfort protects worker muscles and lower back.
Drainage and sorbent mat solutions for wet environments.
Anti-slip matting helps prevent trips and falls.

Need anti-fatigue ergonomic mats for your workers safety and a absorbent tray to protect your facility?

CoTradeCo® has the solution with the 585 Eco Stance™ anti-fatigue mat specially designed for combined use with an absorbent pad in wet application environments. Absorbent pads are often used to alleviate safety hazards but sit directly on the floor or in a tray that gives little to no real anti-fatigue relief to your employees. And in extreme wet applications they provide little slip resistance. The EcoStance changes all that.

Made from a 100% Nitrile rubber compound these wet environment mats are light-weight and economical, extremely resistant to chemicals and cutting fluds as well as oils and grease commonly found in work areas where sorbent pads are in use. The unique surface molded bubble pattern provides cushioning comfort and aeration so you don’t have to hear your employees complain, “My feet hurt.” Molded points on the raised bubbles hold the the sorbent pad in placed, while beveled borders help prevent trips and falls, allowing easy access on and off the mat. A recessed top surface acts as a tray that holds your sorbent pad in place while inherently trapping liquids and accommodates standard 30" sorbent pads.

Let a CoTradeCo® representative help you customize your Eco Stance floor matting for your application.


  • Black

NOTRAX floor matting by Superior MFG

Innovative Solutions for Today’s Workplace

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  • 100% Nitrile rubber compound
  • Extreme ruggedness and chemical resistance
  • Easily fits upto 30" sorbent pad
  • Anti-fatigue for employee comfort and safety
  • Raised footing design
  • Beveled borders increase safety by reducing risk of trips and falls
  • Specially designed for wet use


  • 1/2"" thick
  • 32" Inside tray width measurement

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#585 Eco Stance™ is a NoTrax Floor Matting brand product.

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