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Why is it called a “Bung Access” funnel?
“Bung Access” in the name of this funnel refers to the fact that even though it is a drum top funnel that completely covers the top of the drum and provides a huge pouring target, the unique half-moon cutout allows visual access to the 3/4" bung.

The Bung Access Funnel sits securely on any 55 gallon drum and gives added protection against splashes and leaks from oil or other contaminated liquids. The unique zig-zag channeled surface design diffuses splashes, while level surfaces allow filters, paint cans, buckets, and bottles to stand upright while draining passively.

Does the Bung Access Funnel lock onto the drum?
The Bung Access Funnel has a recessed ring for use with a 55-gallon drum and another recessed ring for use with a 30-gallon drum. While the rings don’t physically lock the Funnel in place they prevent it from sliding around or falling off.


  • Zig-zag channeled surface to diffuse splashing
  • Level surfaces enable paint cans, buckets and bottles to stand upright while draining
  • Optional hinged cover keeps dirt and unwanted materials out of your waste stream.
  • Has lockable lid


Dimensions: for #0484:

  • 29" (737mm) Diameter
  • 26 3/4" (9679mm) deep
  • 9 1/2" (241mm) high

Dimensions for # 0482:

  • 23 5/8"" Dia
  • 5 1/2"

Capacity: 6 gal. (23L)

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Drum, Bung Access - Funnel is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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