Pelican 1511
1510DTOR-F: Des. Tan & Orange with foam $183.75
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Watertight rubber O-ring seal, crush-proof, and dust-proof
FAA maximum carry-on size
Open cell core with solid wall design to make a strong yet lightweight travel case
Easy open double throw latches
Automatic pressure equalization/purge valve that balances air pressure inside the case
Lifetime guarantee

Lid Depth: 1.79" (4.5 cm); Bottom Depth: 5.79" (14.7 cm); Total Depth: 7.58" (19.3 cm)
Interior (L X W X D): 19.75″ × 11.00″ × 7.58″ (50.2 × 27.9 × 19.3 cm)
Exterior (L X W X D) : 22.00″ × 13.81″ × 9.00″ (55.9 × 35.1 × 22.9 cm)

Comes with pluck foam interior.

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Desert Tan & Orange Pelican 1510 With foam is a Pelican™ brand product.

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