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TrekPak is an innovative padded insert for protecting your gear in your favorite backpack or hard case. It uses a unique, patent-pending pin system that makes it easy to adjust dividers as your gear needs change! The system is easily customizable, durable, and water repellent. It is the ideal solution to satisfy both your comfort and gear organization needs while giving you back full power over customization!

TrekPak is the ideal solution for the adventurer or gear hauler who needs to satisfy both comfort and gear organization. It was created to carry camera gear, but the system can be used to carry pretty much anything. Utilizing alpine backpacks and hard cases already on the market, TrekPak gives full customization to fit whatever need you may have. Whether you are a photographer, videographer, overland adventurer, or maybe just an OCD organizer, TrekPak will make you love your gear bag again. We want to get you out and on your way instead of fiddling with velcro and being bound by your gear.


Why make the pins out of metal? We found that the plastic simply was not stiff or strong enough to keep the dividers in place without flexing or breaking. Aluminum has much greater strength, stiffness, and durability and can be anodized in a variety of different color

Why do we include removable pull tabs for the pins? When making the pins more snug and secure, they become more difficult to pull out too. You can put these tabs on the pins you move regularly or leave them off for a more sleek look. It’s up to you. We’ll include a handful with every pack or insert!



  • Two perimeter pieces of Top and bottom foam
  • Two • Interior Front to Back dimension dividers
  • Two • Interior Width long dividers
  • Cutter Tool
  • 30 pins with 30 red pull tabs

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Pelican TrekPak Divider Kits is a Pelican Air Cases, Pelican Classic Cases (Protector Series), and Pelican Colors Series Cases brand product.

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