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Originally designed and prototyped in collaboration with John Wayne Airport (JWA) these first of their kind baggage screening totes were developed in response to issues arising from the Aviation Transportation Security Act (ATSA) of 2001. JWA was the first airport to successfully bring online a fully ATSA compliant in-­line baggage screening system. Some of the issues that arose early on were as a result of new merges, added power turns, vertical sorters and diverters. It was found that all of these new additions resulted in the shredding of lose straps, handles, locks and other floppy appendages. In response to these issues a number of things were changed and implemented, one of which was the addition of baggage handing totes to the in-­line process. Kiva Container was brought on board and successfully created a line of baggage handling totes that solved the issues arising from non standard sizes of luggage to the care of external loose appendages found on modern luggage.


• Assists in 100% ATSA Compliance

• Proprietary blend of plastic material that doesn’t set off false positive readings or create image processing issues.

• Made with Durable 100% recyclable material

• Available in multiple sizes

• Can be run in custom colors

• Customization with placement of individual company logos

• Nestable feature saves valuable space!


Black with 2 Holes

  • TS.282106 – OD 28 × 21 × 6
  • TS.302008 – OD 30.25 × 20.25 × 8.5
  • TS.362405 – OD 35.4 × 23.5 × 5

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Airline Baggage Screening Totes is a CoTradeCo®/CVPKG for Packaging brand product.

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