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Capture Hazardous Spills From Railroad Tanker Cars

  • Ultra-TrackPans have been designed to provide spill containment at industrial rail sidings and locomotive maintenance facilities. Available in virtually any length, Ultra-Track Pans may be used to collect small spills and leaks OR to capture and channel off significant spills caused by defective equipment or a major overflow.
  • Prevent Costly Cleanup and Regulatory Fines
  • Modular Design – Center and Side Pans are 53.5" long; containment areas can be easily assembled to any length desired
  • ll-polyethylene Construction – Rugged Track Pans withstand harsh chemicals and are designed to function in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +140°F
  • Sealed System – Polyethylene gaskets keep spills from falling between the rails and Pans.
  • Trucks and other vehicles can drive over TrackPans with grates in place*
  • Economical, easy to install
  • Modular TrackPan design can be customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Optional TrackPan Covers Keep Rainwater Out of the Pans, Providing Effective Stormwater Management.
  • Polyethylene Covers are left in place until the railcar(s) arrive to be off-loaded or loaded. Lightweight covers mechanically lock into the polyethylene decking and will not blow off in windy conditions.
  • Unique stormwater feature is designed to eliminate “pooling” of rain that falls on top of the Center Pan Covers; rain is channeled onto the ballast between the tracks, stays out of the Pans.
    • Ultra-TrackPans Are Available In Two (2) Models:
    • TrackPans and Grates, No Covers
    • TrackPans with Grates and Covers
  • Low Maintenance – unlike carbon steel track pans, Ultra-TrackPans will not rust or corrode. Polyethylene resin is treated with a UV inhibitor, resists degrading effects of the sun.
  • Slip Resistant Surfaces – Pans, grates and covers have been designed with safety in mind. All top surfaces resist slips when wet or oily.
  • Long Work Life – Estimated to perform 20-30 years; longer than fiberglass pans.


TrackPans with Grates, No Covers TrackPan Covers Only
Part# 9566 – Center TrackPan with Grates Part# 9580 – Cover for Center TrackPan
Dimensions: 53½" x 53½" x 6" Dimensions: 56" x 54"
Weight: 106 lbs. Weight: 24 lbs.
Containment Capacity: 18 gallons  
Includes: 2 bulkhead fittings, 4 gaskets 
and 2 grates
Part# 9576 – Side TrackPan with Grates Part# 9581 – Cover for Side TrackPan
Dimensions: 53½" x 27½" x 6" Dimensions: 56" x 27¾"
Weight: 60 lbs. Weight: 11 lbs.
Containment Capacity: 19 gallons  
Includes: 1 bulkhead fitting, 2 gaskets 
and 1 grate
Part# 9584 – Rebar Fasteners with Protective
Caps (20-pack)
Part# 9559 – 3" dia. Bulkhead Fitting (for
below grade piping)
Part# 9586 – Sorbent Mats, Center Pan (2/set),
Part# 9585 – Sorbent Mats, Side Pan 20-pack
Part# 9571 – Grate Only for Center Pan (Left)

Part# 9571 – Grate Only for Center Pan (Right)
Part# 9573 – Grate Only for Side Pan
Chemical Compatibility Guide# Coming soon
U.S. Patent Nos. 5,562,047; 6,173,856; Other
Pat. Pending
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Ultra-Track Pans is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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