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• A case and light, in one!

• Great for camping, kayaking, river rafting, boating, emergency roadside aid to name a few

• It floats

• Up to 200 lumens

• 3 pre-set light output levels

• Signaling mode

• Carabineer included

• Built-in attachment hook

• Locking latch

• Available in yellow or black

• Uses 4 AA batteries (included)

• Lifetime guarantee


(caps) %(caps) %(caps)IMPORTANT % % (caps) %(caps) %(caps)NOTICE % % — The Light-Case has a “Try Me” mode in the switch program. To remove the “Try Me” feature press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. The Light-Case will flash during this process. Continue to hold the power button for the full 15 seconds to ensure that the “Try Me” function is cleared.

(caps) %(caps) %(caps)SWITCH % % (caps) %(caps) %(caps)TYPE % % : Push Button Type


Weight: 1.14lbs. (.052 kegs.)


  • Length -8.00"(20.3 cm)
  • Width – 5.00"(12.7 cm)
  • Depth – 2.25"(5.7 cm)

(caps) %(caps) %(caps)LED % % :

  • 50000 hrs. Burn time


  • 200 (High)
  • 100 (Medium)
  • 20 (Low)

Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline (Included)

Battery Run Time:

  • 80 hrs. (Low)
  • 12 hrs. (Medium)
  • 4 hrs. (High)

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Pelican 9000 Light-Case is a Pelican Lighting brand product.

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