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Our new 32oz. Refillable Wall Dispenser come in two new models, Automatic & Manual. For Hand Cleaners, Lotions, & Sunscreens.

Industrial Strength Sunscreen is formulated to protect American Outside Workers who are exposed to the Sun’s Ultra Violet Rays. Formulated with Natural Clear Zinc Oxide that provides a physical barrier against the Sun acting like a million tiny mirrors reflecting both UVA & UVB Rays. Clear Micro Fine Zinc Oxide is the only natural Physical Barrier that stops both UVA & UVB Rays.


  • Physical Barrier Technology
  • Water Resistance 80 Minutes
  • Fragrance Free
  • PA + / UVA
  • ISO 24444 / ISO 24442
  • ASTM D120 Compliant

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32oz. Refillable Automatic or Manual Wall Dispenser is a brand product.

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