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Custom spill containment areas are easily created around large tanks and/or equipment that cannot be easily moved. Two-part, expandable, polymer foam is sprayed around the perimeter of the included liner. Berm liner is pre-cut at the factory to match required dimensions/specifications. Liner is pre-punched with holes around the entire perimeter to provide maximum ground adhesion.


● Excellent for sectioning off a room and making it a secure containment area.

● Foam can be sanded or shaped for more finished appearance.

● Included Ultra-Top Coat spray provides added UV protection and chemical resistance.


● Liner material of construction is Copolymer-2000. Other materials available upon request

  • 8650: Complete System Includes liner material, Ultra-Spray Foam, and Ultra-Top Coat.
  • 8651: Berm Wall (option) Includes Ultra-Spray Foam and Ultra-Top Coat.
  • 8652: Ultra-Top Coat (option) Includes Ultra-Top Coat for touch-up applications

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Ultra-Spray-A-Berm® is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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