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Panel Kits – Panel Kits are used when stored equipment needs to be kept protected even when the case is open. Panel Kits are installed by the end user. These two plates are made of .063 brush aluminum and come with screws, one perimeter gasket and O-Rings for the screws, to waterproof the bottom portion of your case. The top panel is not watertight, Both panels can have custom cutouts installed by us according to your specifications. The customer specified cutouts are used to install electronic readouts, buttons, switches and other control and monitoring devices.

Neoprene O-Rings – Perimeter O-Ring seal makes our cases completely waterproof and airtight. SE Series cases are guaranteed waterproof to 30 feet under water. SX Series are guaranteed waterproof to 70 feet under water. Our cases are subjected to a 24 hour submersion test in order to meet this requirement

Chrome Latch Locks – You can have us add, chrome keyed tamper-proof locks right on your latches. Unlike the plastic style, we do not recommend using the chrome metal locks near salt water.

Plastic Latch Locks – You can have us add, plastic, keyed tamper-proof locks right on your latches. Unlike the chrome style, we recommend using the plastic metal locks for salt water use.

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