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Replacement foam sets include a convoluted piece in the lid and Pick and pluck with a solid base pad on the bottom, and the remainder filled with Polyurethane Foam that’s pre-cut into removable cubes. Simply remove the individual cubes necessary to create a custom-sized space in which to fit your items.

All Replacement foam sets consist of:

• Egg-Crate (convoluted) Lid foam

• 1/2" Base pad

• Pick and Pluck (cubed) pre-scored foam

• SE-540, SE-920 and SE-1220 cases have multiple layers of Pick and Pluck Foam

Accuform Foam is vertically pre-scored, high-density foam that is easily formed to provide a snug fit that protects your equipment from the abuse of your toughest adventure.

Accuform Foam in Seahorse cases is a removable, cubed matrix foam set, consisting of a layer of egg-crate foam in the lid, a thick cubed foam center and a ½" thick, high density shock absorbing foam bottom layer.


Additionally we offer two different types of standard foam:

  • PE (Polyethylene) and . PE foam is fairly dense, and only slightly pliable. It offers a secure, snug fit.
• Dense and long-lasting; easy to cut with a knife. • Good for medium to heavy-weight objects that need to be secured in place (example: handgun). • Good for objects that can absorb a modest amount of shock without being damaged (example: electric drill). • Available in Solid and Anti-Static options.

  • Ester (Polyurethane)foam is much more spongy and forgiving, exhibiting excellent shock absorption.
• Soft but durable foam. • Good for more delicate objects that may break on modest impact (example: crystal stemware). • Good for more complex or irregularly-shaped objects (example: digital SLR camera). • Available in Solid, Pick ’n Pluck (Diced), Convoluted and Anti-Static options. While we have found that the PE foam is suitable for most designs and recommend it when in doubt.

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Replacement Foam for Seahorse Cases is a SEAHORSE Cases brand product.

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