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High volume launch customers can take advantage of Biosphere’s skilled engineering and research team to customize our products to suit their needs. Biosphere’s aerospace engineering process protocols, development tools and advanced manufacturing facilities make it possible to get new sustainable packaging products to market in record time.

The Development Process (New Packaging per Customer Specifications):

• Good description of product use necessary for Biosphere to optimize system to meet customer’s requirements.

• Prototype molds completed (2 weeks*), product samples [approximately 100 parts] made and delivered (1 week*)

• Customer conducts fitness for use testing and other necessary testing. (3-4 weeks*)

• Production molds (full set) machined and tested in Pilot Line to optimize production parameters (4 weeks*)

• Production Mold System delivered to the factory. Startup commissioning (2 weeks)

Standard Development Process. Timing may vary depending on part size and geometry complexity


Our Oven to Freezer to Point-of-Sale food service items can be used as direct replacements for aluminum, PET plastics and treated paper bakeware in low-moisture bake operations such as pizzas, breads, baked pastas dishes and pies without changing settings or recipes.

All configurations of Biosphere® Biodegradable Packaging are made with our patented PPM base material, then tuned for special service applications. Application variables include:

  • Non-stick coatings
  • Flavors, scents and colors
  • Formulas for enhanced moisture resistance

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