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Tough-as-nails construction combined with color coded webbing and fabric takes the guess work out of loading hose. Works with U-shaped hose bundles and Cleveland-Gasner style bundles. Features padded shoulder straps.

The SCS™ (Super Compression Suspension) pack provides a variable combination of both conventional and fanny pack support systems with the additional feature that the shoulder straps are mounted to the top outside edge of the pack in contrast to the top inside edge mounting of the conventional pack. More of the load of the pack is transmitted down the spine than the fanny pack but less than the conventional pack, depending on the distribution of load between the waist band and shoulder straps. Rotation of the pack is controlled partly by the waist band with its anti-rotation strap, as with the fanny pack, but also by the shoulder straps. In contrast with the fanny pack, the shoulder strap force acts upwards so that both horizontal and vertical components resist rotation of the pack. The shoulder straps can be worn loosely but are still effective in controlling rotation because the moment arm distance of the vertical component of the strap force is twice that of the pack load and rotation is also resisted by the horizontal component of the strap force. The net result is that for relatively little force the shoulder straps are effective in controlling rotation and pulling the pack into the torso, while the waistband still transfers most of the weight of the pack into the pelvis, bypassing the load on the spine. Because rotation is effectively controlled the wearer would most likely walk in a more upright position, which would lessen the compressive loading acting on the spine compared with the other designs analyzed.

Taken from: Allen F. Tencer Ph.D., Day Pack Comparisions, "Analysis of the forces required to support different day packs with particular reference to loads on the spine”. July 16, 1996, University of Washington


  • Holds 100 feet of 1" to 1-3/4" hose in each slot
  • 2X model carries 2 rolls of hose
  • 3X model carries 3 rolls of hose
  • Covered side pockets hold nozzles, valves, tees, tools, etc.
  • Technology: SCS™ – Super Compression Suspension


Materials: 1000D Cordura®, Nylon Webbing, Nylon Hardware, 3M™ Reflective Tape

Size: One Size

Color: Black

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PROGRESSIVE HOSE PACK is a True North® brand product.

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