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36" Floor Cones—Lights and Chains sold separately. Protect yourself from liability issues with the first name in slip, trip and fall protection. Lamba® products offers the original four-sided cone with a variety of messages, languages and accessories, including chain links and lock-in signs. They can be stacked in just one square foot of space when not in use.



Available in international languages and styles

Available plain or imprinted


36” cone dimensions: 12" base, 6" middle, 3-1/2" top

Old KC or Jackson numbers:

  • 16839 (3005566) 36" No Parking
  • 16837 (3005563) 36" People Working Above
  • 16838 (3005564) 36" Floor May be slippery
  • 14519 (3000481) 36" Safety First
  • 14520 (3000482) 36" Wet Floor
  • 16841 (3005575) 36", Cuidado/Seguridad Aute Todo/Safety First (Spanish/English)
  • 14521 (3000483) 36", Cuidado/Wet Floor (Spanish/English)
  • 3005554, 25 Inch, Plancher Mouille/Wet Floor (French/English
  • 3005584, 25 Inch, Cuidado Piso Mojado (Spanish)

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Standard Lamba Cones-36" is a Cortina Safety Products brand product.

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