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Jackson Safety offers hearing protection and high-performance communication that’s both comfortable and stylish. Earmuffs are designed in styles that can dampen both intermittent or constant high-frequency noise, while still allowing lower-frequency sounds through. Our earmuffs are designed to offer a competitive noise reduction rating (NRR), a measurement that indicates how much hearing protection a unit offers.

  • 22 NRR cap-mounted
  • 23 NRR over-the-head


  1. New innovative design
  2. Adjustable, soft padded headband that adjusts to fit all head shapes and sizes
  3. Durable thermoplastic material retains its shape and pressure for consistent noise reduction
  4. Provides uniform headband pressure for a comfortable & secure fit
  5. Well sized inner-hole that provides plenty of room & comfort for the ear
  6. Headband models and a slim cap-mounted design that’s flexible and durable
  7. Dielectric product
  8. 23 NRR over-the-head; 22 NRR cap-mounted
  9. For low noise environments
  10. Ideal for use with lawn mowers, light industrial work, and Traffic Noise

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Vibe 22 and 23 Earmuff (low noise environments) is a brand product.

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