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3750 Big Edâ„¢ Rechargeable
3750 Big Edâ„¢ Rechargeable
3750 Big Edâ„¢ Rechargeable
3750 Big Edâ„¢ Rechargeable
3750 Big Edâ„¢ Rechargeable
3750 Big Edâ„¢ Rechargeable
3750-001-245: 3750AC110F Big Ed Yellow w/Fast Charger $170.28

Alternate configurations (3)

3700 Big Ed Yellow Flashlight

3700-000-245: 3700 Big Ed Yellow $107.57

3700PLB Big Ed Photoluminescent Flashlight

3700-001-247: 3700PLB Big Ed w/Photolum Shroud $109.19

3750PLB Big Ed Rechargeable w/Photoluminescent Shroud - Rechargeable

3750-000-247: 3750PLB Big Ed Rechargeable Photoluminescent $175.83
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The rechargeable version of the 3700 with multiple options for charging. The Fast Charger System comes with a 2-bay charger base: a fast charging bay for the Big Ed (with battery pack installed) and a trickle bay for a spare battery pack (not included). It also comes with a 110V transformer. The Trickle Charger System comes with a trickle/trickle charger base. It is available with either a 110V transformer or 12V plug-in adapter (for vehicle installation). Another option for vehicle installation for the Trickle system is with a direct wiring kit accessory.

Lumen value: 72.0

Battery burn time: 2 hrs. (Primary), 5 hrs. (Back-up)

Packaged Weight: 4.8 lbs.

Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

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3750AC Big Ed Rechargeable System w/110V is a Pelican Lighting brand product.

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