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TrafFix Vertical Panel Barricades consist of durable blow molded polyethylene panels and 100% recycled rubber bases. No heavy rings or bases that must be lifted over the top of the panel. The Step-n-Lock Panel has Six locking buttons molded into the panel and correspond to six matching recesses molded in the base. Simply step down on the foot hole to lock the panel in place. The Step-n-Lock design ensures the panel will remain vertically locked in place and “square to traffic.” Panel sizes, messages and legend can be intermixed with either the 28lb. or 43lb. base.


  • A wide variety of messages and legends can be printed on one or two sides of the panel. Engineer, high performance or diamond grade reflective sheeting is available. Ideal for parking lots, schools, churches, or in-plant applications.
  • For transportation and storage, both the panels and bases can be easily separated and stacked.
  • The panel separates from the base when impacted by a vehicle.
  • The panel face is recessed to minimize abrasions and scratches to the expensive reflective sheeting. If severely damaged the reflective sheeting can be replaced.


The bases are made from 100% recycled rubber and weigh either 28 or 43lbs.

Product Options:

33000 Series:

  • 24″ × 12″ TrafFix Vertical Panel Barricade with light
  • 43lb. recycled rubber base


  • 36″ × 12″ TrafFix Vertical Panel Barricade
  • Message is: “State Law Yield to Pedestrians Within Crosswalk”
  • meets MUTCD Standard

34000 Series:

  • 36″ × 8″ TrafFix Vertical Panel Barricade
  • Message is: “Stop for Pedestrians”
  • 28lb. recycled rubber base

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