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Grain Cowhide:

Grain cowhide is the most commonly used leather found in the glove industry and is found on the exterior layer of the cow. It is soft, flexible and provides the best abrasion and puncture resistance.

Leather Comparison:

  • Cow: By far, the most commonly used leather in the safety industry due to good abrasion resistance and attractive appearance.
  • Pig: Offers the best abrasion resistance and breathability. Leather remains soft and supple after repeated use, even after contact with water.
  • Goat: Excellent abrasion resistance with strong tensile strength. High lanolin content makes the leather soft.
  • Deer: Highest tensile strength of all leathers. Excellent dexterity and softness.


Lining Comparisons:

  • Fleece: The most commonly used glove liner, made of napped brushed cotton.
  • Pile: This synthetic wool is popular because of its relatively low cost and realistic similarity to wool.
  • Foam/Thermo: With the comfort of a fleece layer and an additional two layers of polyester and polyurethane foam, this lining offers the most value for warmth insulation.
  • 3M Thinsulateâ„¢: The warmest thin insulation on the market, Thinsulateâ„¢ has about 1.5 times more warmth than down feather lining, and absorbs less than 1% of its own weight in water which allows it to retain its insulating ability even in damp conditions.


10 dozen per case.(Price is per 1 dozen).

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Grain Cowhide Driver Glove w/pull strap back is a Liberty Glove and Safety brand product.

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