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KLEENGUARD* G80 NITRILE Chemical Resistant Gloves has been discontinued.
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New improved Green Gloves-Now approved for food contact

JACKSON SAFETY* G80 NITRILE* Chemical Resistant Gloves provide protection against acids, caustics, bases, solvents and other aqueous solutions. Product, quality and packaging improvements provide enhanced chemical resistance, improved durability and comfort, as well as environmentally improved packaging. To help prevent workplace hand injuries, OSHA states that employers must first explore all possible engineering and work practice controls to eliminate hazards and use PPE to provide additional protection against hazards that cannot be completely eliminated through other means. Protective gloves should be the primary means of protecting employees’ hands, OSHA states, adding that when the risk of injury includes the arm, protective sleeves, often attached to the gloves, may be appropriate. For protection against chemicals glove selection must be based on the chemicals encountered as well as the chemical resistance and physical properties of the glove material, according to OSHA.


  1. Modified Nitrile formulation for more durability and enhanced chemical resistance
  2. Textured fingertips and palm for enhanced grip
  3. Improved, more consistent cotton flock lining for added comfort
  4. Improved AQL of 0.65 versus 1.5, resulting in fewer pinholes
  5. 13” in length, 15 mil thickness
  6. Now approved for food contact in the US and Canada
  7. More environmentally responsible packaging, utilizing 96% fewer poly bags: Now comes in 5 bulk-packed poly bags versus individually wrapped pairs.


  • Material: Nitrile, cotton flock lined, hand specific
  • Design: Textured fingertips and palm, 13” length, 15 mil thickness

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KLEENGUARD* G80 NITRILE Chemical Resistant Gloves is a brand product.

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