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GRIT Maximum Grip


COMFORT - Edge Ramps

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For a stable surface in busy foot traffic situations Ergo tiles, at half the size and thickness of other Work Matta tiles, are extremely versatile and can be installed in configurations to suit most workplace situations.

The low profile Ergo tiles with matching safety ramp edging in black or high-visibility yellow – ensures access to the Work Matta -˜Floor Above the Floor area is safe and easy. The Diamond Shield tile surface provides excellent anti-slip properties while the open surface tile is ideally suited to wet areas, such as shower rooms and around swimming pools.

The EZ Lock interlocking system makes installation simple and, because the flooring can be rolled up, it is also portable. Work Matta Ergo is the perfect safety flooring solution for environments where function and style are both high priorities.

Mesh Underlayment must be ordered in linear feet at $ 4.75/ft)


  • Commercial- protective&versatile
  • Smaller tile dimensions
  • Ergonomic Compression Column benefits
  • Diamond Shield open or closed surface
  • PLUS Grit& ESD
  • Diamond Shield anti-slip tread
  • Excellent sound dampening qualities


Work Matta Grit is a maximum grip, durable, slip-resistant surface finish that can be applied to a wide range of Work Matta tiles. Grit tiles performs well in conditions where sure footing is paramount and safety may be compromised by fluids, dampness or industrial over spray. Use Work Matta Grit open surface tiles where efficient drainage is required to disperse liquids and lubricants and prevent pooling hazards. Work Matta Grit closed surface tiles are useful in areas where extra traction is needed for foot tracking areas around slippery trouble spots.

ESD flooring

Specialized Work Matta ESD flooring will provide workplace protection from electrostatic discharge in two ways:

  • As an antistatic area that will not allow static electricity to be generated at potentially hazardous levels.
  • By removing the charge from a conductive object placed on the surface.


Pieces per case:

  • Mats-Size: 10″ × 20″ × 9/16" 20/case
  • Ramps Size: 20″ × 2″ 10/case


  • Open – 1.8 lbs./pc
  • Closed – 2.0 lbs./pc
  • Grit Open – 1.8 lbs./pc
  • Closed Grit – 2.0 lbs./pc

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