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Designed primarily for pipe fitting applications, the Universal Level is a valuable tool for any craft required to use a level or a plumb bob. Includes two cast-in 25-pound magnets (exerting a 50-pound pull) to securely hold the unit in place on any steel surface, including the underside of a pipe or beam. This permits hands-free leveling, a welcome aid in tight spots. Bubble is mounted on a protector dial, the Level may be used in any position and still read accurately. Magnets are cast in and do not interfere with the use of the Level on nonmagnetic materials, such as aluminum, copper, lumber, stone or other materials requiring leveling.

For aligning pipe flanges (two-holding), the Level comes with a two-threaded, self-aligning conical spacer and conical nut and bolt units. Designed to fit any size bolt hole spaced between 2-1/4 in and 8 in centers on flanges. Permits the orientation of flange bolt holds for any size pipe.


Multi-purpose tool features a 360-degree adjustable protractor dial bubble (DSL) that ensures accurate leveling and permits the following additional uses:

  • Setting a predetermined pitch of a string of pipe
  • Setting the angle of laterals to a precise degree
  • Truing vertical runs
  • Two-holding flanges
  • For structural iron workers, the powerful 25 pound holding magnets provide an extra hand
  • Electricians will find the Level useful in laying out and lining up heavy conduit
  • With the aid of a handy conversion chart, carpenters can use the Level for the layout of roof rafters

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