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Safety Trax are slip resistant pads that can be affixed to surfaces to increase friction and provide a safer pathway. The top surface is embedded with silicon carbide particles for aggressive traction especially in areas where there are inclines or ramped walkways. Pressure adhesive backing allows for easy peel and stick installation.

Be certain that primary surface area is completely dry and clean before applying the “peel & stick” backing or the optional Sealing Compound.


  • Slip resistant pads are affixed to surfaces to increase friction providing a safer pathway.
  • Top surface is embedded with silicone carbide particles. As the particles wear, they chip into continuously aggressive finer particles that continue to provide function.
  • Pressure adhesive backing allows for easy “peel and stick” installation.


  • Roll Sizes: 1’x 60’, 2’x 60’, 3’x 60’, 4’x 60’, 6’x 60’, 12’x 60’, 24’x 60’
  • Custom Sizes: Available in 6", 12", and 24" widths
  • Comes in Black only

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680 Non-slip Safety Trax® Mats is a NoTrax Floor Matting brand product.

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