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Supressor Earmuffs by Smith & Wesson has been discontinued.
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Jackson Safety offers hearing protection and high-performance communication that’s both comfortable and stylish. Earmuffs are designed in styles that can dampen both intermittent or constant high-frequency noise, while still allowing lower-frequency sounds through. Our earmuffs are designed to offer a competitive noise reduction rating (NRR), a measurement that indicates how much hearing protection a unit offers.

NRR 25


  • Pivoting cup attachment for equal pressure distribution
  • Contoured, padded headband
  • Rugged non-conducive plastic construction
  • Easy slide cup adjustment
  • Smith and Wesson logo imprinted on each cup


SMITH & WESSON is a registered trademark of Smith & Wesson Corp. Used with Permission under License.

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Supressor Earmuffs by Smith & Wesson is a brand product.

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