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Wood/Steel Type I and Type II Barricades

Metal Legs, Plastic Panels and Hardware for Barricades

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The 3500 series of barricades with metal legs and blow molded panels offer the strength of impact resistant plastic panels with traditional metal legs.

  • Stock Numbers 35408-NS14, 35408-EG14, 35408-HI14, 35408-DG14 Have 8″×24″ Sheeted Top Panels and 8″×24″ Sheeted Bottom Panels
  • Stock Numbers 35408-NS12, 35408-EG12, 35408-HI12, 35408-DG12 Have 8″×24″ Sheeted Top Panels and 8″×24″ Sheeted Bottom Panels


  • Meets M.U.T.C.D. standards
  • Durable impact resistant plastic panels
  • Panels are recessed to protect reflective sheeting
  • Panels are reinforced to increase stiffness and reduce bending or warping
  • Angle iron legs are painted white
  • Galvanized steel legs available upon request

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Type 2 Metal Leg & Plastic Panel Barricades is a TrafFix Devices brand product.

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