Oil Boom
Rolled Fabric
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Ultra-Oil Booms are made with X-Tex fabric material. X-Tex is a hydrophilic oil absorbent that allows water to instantly filter through the material while pulling off the oil selectively. The X-Tex
will absorb emulsified oil as well as floating oil. A skirt is attached to the floating member to capture oil from passing water and surf. A steel cable (5/16") inside of a 1’ pocket at the top of the unit is used to connect units together to form longer lengths. A second cable is also used in the bottom of the unit for weight and stability.

X-Tex can be infused with oil-eating microbes to allow the oil absorbed to be bio-remediated and broken down into nonhazardous components.

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  • 6" Diameter in either 10’ or 20’ lengths with a 20’ skirt. Made from X-Tex Fabric with a Flotation Core. Has a 5/16" steel cable with loops on each end located in pockets along the top and bottom. Webbing is sewn down each side of skirt with grommets centered in webbing every 2’.

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Ultra-Oil Booms, X-Tex Absorbent Model with Flotation Core is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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