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TITANLiners™ offers a simple, economical way to dewater waste or other material. By dewatering the waste stream the cost of disposal or recovery is reduced. The water can often be sent back to the pond or process.


  • A Standard Roll-off is lined with either pallets geonet or for a more permanent application expanded metal may be spot welded to the bottom and sides of the roll off container. The purpose of these materials is to improve the water flow.
  • If needed, polymer mix is fed into sludge stream.
  • Process by-product or waste is dumped directly into the tube .
  • Water flows through the pores of the fabric while solids are retained.
  • When liner is full of dewatered material, it can be disposed of (liner and all).
  • A new TITANLiner™ of the high quality dewatering fabric is installed for the next load.


TITANLiner™ is made of highly UV stabilized, ultra high strength woven polypropylene dewatering fabric. It is inert to biological degradation and is resistant to most naturally encountered chemicals alkalis and acids. It is available in sizes to fit either 20 yard or 30 yard roll off dumpsters.

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